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Better and Gloria Steinem

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An excerpt from Ralph Waldo Emerson's "from Journal," from the paragraph beginning ". How sad a spectacle" to the end of the essay. This passage begins on p. 88 in the 10th edition and p. 100 in the 11th edition.  All of E. White's "Progress and Change" (p. 592 in the 10th edition; p. 562 – 563 in the 11th edition). An excerpt from Fred Strebeigh's. "The Wheels of Freedom: Bicycles in China. " Read from paragraph 56, which begins "There, I tried to continue the work" to the end of the essay (p. 05 – 6 in the 10th edition; p. 339 – 40 in the 11th). An excerpt from Gloria Steinem's "The Good News Is: These Are Not the Best Years of Your Life. " Read from paragraph 20, which begins "None of this should denigrate" to the end of the essay (p. 367 – 368 in the 10th edition; p. 358 – 59 in the 11th). All of William Cronon's "The Trouble With Wilderness" (p. 651 – 654 in the 10th edition; p. 617 – 21 in the 11th). Examine and analyze the unattributed Figure 7, "Technowar" (p. 800 in the 10th edition; p. 06 in the 11th). Change means to alter. Change is good since it is an opportunity to move forward and prestige in life. It also allows people to change their status quo. But in order to change, you must risk. Three sources that show change were E. B. White’s “Progress and Change”, Fred Strebeigh’s “The Wheels of Freedom”, and Gloria Steinem’s “The Good News Is: These are Not the Best Years of Your Life. ” In E. B. White “Progress and Change” White explains why change is needed to solve issues.

He also said that if there is too much change it loses meaning to what you are trying to improve on. Additionally, it is said that if you want to change, the risk is an ingredient to enhancements. On page 563 White stated this “People who favor progress and improvements are apt to be people who have had a tough enough time without any extra inconvenience”. This supports my opinion of change being good because this quote shows that if people want a better life one must change to grow.

In Strebeigh’s “The Wheels of Freedom: Bicycles in China” Strebeigh describes how men and women tried to stop tanks by throwing their bikes against the tanks to prevent the tanks from crushing their dignity, humanity, and freedom. On page 339 Strebeigh said, “citizens trying to stop tanks by shoving bicycles at them, flatbeds tricycles turned into ambulances for slaughtered children”. In this reading, change is taking place, as I said above risk is always a factor to make change happen.

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All those citizens risked their left cycling to freedom as they fight against the tanks in China. In Gloria Steinem’s “The Good News Is: These are Not the Best Years of Your Life. ” Steinem states how women are looked down upon and unequally treated because of their gender. Therefore women have worked together to gain some influence. On-Page 358 Steinem said “just as a young women’s most radical act toward her mother. ” This quote is stating that daughters and mothers are connecting as one to achieve power.

This is an adequate example of my reason why change is good because everyone should be treated equally so when women work together it helps them gain more influence in society and a voice. Change is like water. Water has many stages to purify it to drink, so because of that water changes in many phases. Chemicals are added to the water so that bacteria are pulled to it, then put through filters, and disinfected with chlorine. So if there are no changes you get sick or die from drinking unpurified water. This shows that change is good because it is only for the better and improvements to what we had before.

Better and Gloria Steinem essay

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