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Antacid Report

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Testing the Effectiveness of Commercial based Antacids Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine, by testing several dissolved commercial antacid solutions, which can best neutralize acid and is the most effective for heartburn. Hypothesis: If all three different types of Antacid were tested and neutralized with the Hydrochloric acid, then the one that would be the most effective antacid would be the TUM’s Ultra Strength Calcium because it is larger and because it is Ultra Strength, it should be more effective. Materials •Compliment Extra Strength Antacid Tablet •TUMS Life Ultra Strength Calcium Antacid Tablet •Goggles •Thymol Blue •Mortar and Pestle •Beakers •pH probe •Clamp •Retort Stand •Pipette-Graduated •Hydrochloric Acid(HCl) •Distilled Water •pH 4 solution Procedure- 1. All the materials were gathered/assembled. 2. The clamp was secured onto the Retort stand, 3. The pH probe was then attached to the clamp and secured tightly 4. With the pH 4 solution, the pH probe was calibrated properly according to SNC2D0 standards 5. One antacid tablet was weighed with the scale and the result was recorded 6. Step 5 was repeated for the other two antacid tablet brands used. 7.

Once each tablet was weighed, they were then crushed and grinded with the mortar and pestle and each put in their respective beaker 8. 25 Millilitres of distilled water was then added to each beaker and stirred gentle until a milky solution was made 9. One solution of the antacid’s was taken to the Tort stand and the pH probe was lowered into the solution 10. 4-6 Drops of Thymol Blue was put into the solution with the pipette, or as many drops was needed to indicate a color change. 11. As indicated on the pH probe, the pH of the solution was recorded down 12. Using the pipette, Hydrochloric Acid was gathered; inside the pipette 13.

Individual drops of the Hydrochloric acid were then added, each drop added was recorded on the table 14. At the same time as the drops added, the solution was continually stirred with the stirrer 15. Drops of HCl were added to the solution until the pH recorded by the pH probe says 2 or the solution is clear red. 16. The number of drops added were recorded on the table 17. Steps 9-16 were then repeated with the other two solutions of Antacids Observations Table 1: TUM’s Ultra Strength reactions to Hydrochloric Acid Drops Quantitive Observations-pHQualitive Observations

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Before adding of Hydrochloric acid6. 8 pHOrange, milky, opaque 25 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. 5 pHGrainy, Opaque, white 50 Drops of Hydrochloric acid4. 5 pHFizzing, grainy, opaque, white 75 Drops of Hydrochloric acid4. 1 pHFizzing, grainy, opaque, white 100 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. 9 pHSlight increase in clarity, fizzing more, less grainy 125 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. 4 pHLess grainy, less white, fizzing less 150 Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 4 pHTranslucent, fizzing less 158 Drops of Hydrochloric acid1. 8 pHClear, translucent, grains at the bottom, stopped fizzing, slightly pink

Table 2: Life Ultra Strength Reactions to Hydrochloric Acid drops Quantitive Observations-pHQualitive Observations Before adding of Hydrochloric acid8. 8 pHMushy, translucent, white 25 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. 5 pHOpaque, white, slight yellow 50 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. 0 pHPrecipitate forming, white, milky 75 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. 6 pHPrecipitate more visible, solid, white, 100 Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 7 pHSolid separating from liquid 125 Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 4 pHSlight pink in color, translucent 7liquid 150 Drops of Hydrochloric acid1. pHPink shade in color, solid separated and on top of liquid, Gaseous smell coming Table 3: Compliments Extra Strength reaction to Hydrochloric Acid drops Quantitive Observations-pHQualitive Observations Before adding of Hydrochloric acid7. 9 pHGreen, grainy, solids at the bottom, opaque 25 Drops of Hydrochloric acid5. 3 pHPrecipitate forming on top, green, opaque 50 Drops of Hydrochloric acid3. 0 pHMore liquidous, transparent 75 Drops of Hydrochloric acid2. 0 pHLiquid state, transparent, top is solid/precipitate Table 4: Neutralizing ability of the Antacids Product nameNeutralizing ability

TUM’s Ultra Strength79 Life Ultra Strength68. 2 Compliments Extra Strength37. 5 Analysis: I am able to make a few generalizations due to the course of these results. It can be said that TUMs has the highest neutralization ability, as it took the most amount of drops to bring the pH level to two. It is also said Compliments has the lowest neutralization level, as it took the least amount of acid to bring the level to two. Discussion: 1. I believe the most effective antacid tablet of the experiment would be the TUM's Ultra Strength, opposed to the Life Ultra strength, and the Compliment's Extra Strength.

I say this because even though the TUM's ultra strength did have the lowest pH of the three tablets, the tablet did however take more Hcl than the other tablets to go to 2 pH—158 drops of Hcl, thus effectively neutralized the acid for the longest of time. Life Ultra did however become very close to TUM's, with exactly 150 drops of Hcl to bring the pH to two. 2. The TUM's and the Life Ultra both had 1000 mg of calcium carbonate and then because of that, they lasted longer than the Compliment's extra which only had 750 mg of calcium carbonate. 3. In the TUM's, the orange color changed to white when the acid was introduced; in the Life

Ultra, the white color changed to a light yellow shade. These changes happened because the pH level changed in the process of adding the acid, thus making the indicator change colors. 4. It was necessary to continually stir the acid because the acid must be properly distributed in the base solution; if you didn't stir the solution, the acid would stay in that place and would not react with the other parts of the basic solution, leading to an inaccurate neutralization. Thus stirring would ensure a higher rate of accuracy. 5. It was stopped at 2 pH because of the pH environment needed to simulate.

The experiment was the effectiveness of Antacids on the human stomach, and since the normal pH of a stomach is 2 pH, it was needed to be brought down to 2 pH to simulate that same environment. 6. I would like an antacid to be able to dissolve over a period of time. I would like this because then the effects would be able to last longer if the heartburn is damaging enough. If the effects were too quick, then the heartburn could start up and then it would be a wasted effort; with the Antacid that stays, it controls the pH properly. 7. Liquid medicines and Solid medicines both have advantages over each other.

Liquid medicines are that they are quick to react and start working and they easily absorbed; they can be drunk. Solid medicines however are predesigned, so it is hard to take a wrong dosage with them, while kitchen utensils holding the liquid medicine can easily over or under measure. 8. I would have to consider the strength of the tablet; if I don’t have chronic heartburn, I wouldn't need such a strong antacid. I would have to consider my age and BMI; if I am young, I wouldn’t want to take a higher daily dosage, and if I’m bigger I would need a larger daily dosage. 9.

There are various strengths and weaknesses associated with this experiment, as well as a few errors that could have arisen. One of the errors that could have arisen is the antacid pill and mixture was not crushed and mixed properly, which could lead to inaccurate answers and inaccurate distribution of acid. Another error would be that the mixture was stirred inaccurately or improperly, which could lead to more inaccurate results as the acid is misdistributed. The strengths of this lab are that it gives the students a closer and more interactive way of showing the differences and the usage of antacids and also of HCl acid.

A weakness for this experiment could be that if not done properly, results can be misconstrued and biased, thus leading to bad results. Conclusion: The purpose of this lab was to show the different reactions of commercial antacids and to which is more effective as an Antacid. In the various antacid experiments, the TUM’s Ultra Strength required the more drops of HCl per gram than the Life Ultra Strength and Compliments Extra Strength. This shows that is able to last longer in an acidic environment and neutralize it properly. Thus TUM’s ultra strength would be the better Antacid.

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