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Aliens Existence

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Aliens Existence This is a never ending debate. Do aliens really exist? Does anyone have proof that aliens exist? If they do, why can’t we spot them with the help of our space instruments? Why don’t they fly down to our planet as we do to theirs? The questions keep boggling minds of kids and adults alike. But the truth remains that aliens do really exist. There are simply established facts and reported incidents, some even with videos, with proof that aliens really exist.

Yes, aliens do exist, but there is some clarification that must come first before concerning what you mean by aliens. Aliens do exist and if we want a wide interpretation of the word alien, including all living consciousness that are not us, not residing near us or of the same grouping as ourself, then we would open a Pandora's Box and this argument would need to be as long as an entire book. Everything you perceive from earth, rocks, insects, trees, flowers and humans is composed of living consciousness, not of course of our same level of comprehension, but living matter nevertheless.

Fortunately we know what we mean when we talk of aliens, so other than to say that the experience of even animals is so different that they could almost be classified as aliens to our world, and it is amazing that we can co-exist as well as we do. So we will not include other living consciousness less than our own or that we do not perceive, but try to limit our explanation to similar types of living beings that we would like to sit down with and enjoy conversation and a cup of coffee.

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We will not be considering animals here either or any of the countless realities that swirl through, around close to our own physical earth. We cannot perceive them, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist, and quite as real as our earth. (Meagher) This subject covers so much ground that the best we can do is scratch the surface. I think one of the great ironies of our civilization at this stage of its development is the question "Are we alone? ", since we are not even alone on our own planet, but we will never meet an alien walking down the street, tip your hat and say "have a good day sir".

I hope we get the inference here that all aliens are not materialized in the same way we are, and the general rule is that we only see our own kind. Why is this? It is because our perceptions are highly tuned to create (form) reality along certain lines, within certain highly specialized fields, and then to perceive what we have created that falls within those specific parameters. Other realities that have been created by others not like us, but just as valid, will be totally out of our range of perception, so to speak, and in physical terms, we will never be able to perceive them.

That does not mean that we will forever be unable to communicate with them, and as our abilities grow, we will learn to use inner communications to contact other civilizations that we would otherwise be unable to sense using your physical perceptions. There are literally countless physical and non-physical realities with beings at least equal to or more advanced than our own, swirling around, through and near our dear planet earth and we will never rub shoulders with them. They are as real as we are to our own kind, but to us they have no substance, seem to lack physical structure, and will remain invisible.

They utilize the same properties of the earth as we do, but to them, (Allan)our constructions do not exist. They will never bump into a pyramid or an empire state building, yet they might indeed walk through them, and we walk through their constructions every day. (Allan) Needless to say, there are countless realities that have no need for physical form and exist in what could only at this time be likened to our dream reality and of course, their experience, value satisfactions and growth is not dependent on atomic structure to the extent ours is.

They do not need a planet or a star to exist and could actually exist in what we would call empty space. Of course, to them, the space would not be empty at all, but filled with a different kind of psychic constructions, a reality, quite as real as our own. In our universe, there are countless systems of reality, and physical systems are not the norm. The most advanced entities and their home systems are not physical at all and the need for physical expression decreases as the inhabitants of any plane evolve and progress.

The highest entities do not occupy physical systems, although they and others like themselves have created many systems, worlds and universes, even though they evolved from other systems and never experienced physical reality. Now here is what you really want to know. There are what we could call "parallel realities", that have originated within the same overall universal camouflage system as ours, gone on to other planets in your solar system and universe and do have the ability to travel through our same space, utilizing technologies far superior to anything we may now envision.

These beings by the sheer nature of their advanced technologies do have the ability to traverse the immense distances required to reach other inhabited planets. Their technologies and advanced understanding of the true nature of the universe, allow them to take shortcuts to their destinations. Space is not really what it looks like to us and others see through the illusion and can penetrate space in ways that are difficult to explain. Space and all it seems to contain is simply your interpretation of available fields of energy that you mentally configure into something that makes sense to us. Meagher) It is fascinating to watch human behavior that continues to be egocentric. Why else would they keep on debating the issue of proof that aliens exist, when they have hard core proof in their hands? Extra-terrestrials or aliens have been given a kind of artistic figure by Hollywood movies and we believe that if aliens exist, they would look like that. But question remains, what if aliens exist in any other form than the physical entity like ours? How do we then find proof that aliens exist?

The Universe is huge and to give proof that aliens exist would be no small a matter. Yet we have proof that aliens exist in real. A flying disc was seen once by pilots, crew members and many other people standing at Chicago O’Hare Airport in November 2006. This story was brought out on CNN and this is one undeniable proof that aliens exist. Works Cited Allan, William. "Do Aliens Really Exist? " Platinum Author 8 August 2008. Meagher, L. D. "Review Confirmation. " 29 July 1998.

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