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A Description of Cathedrals of Consumption Among the World Famous Jekyll and Hyde

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The World Famous Jekyll and Hyde is a meeting place for explorers. scientists. and those curious souls who dare to venture inside. According to Ritzer Cathedrals of Consumption are structured. often successfully to have an enchanted. sometimes even sacred. religious character. In order to attract everrlarger numbers of consumers. where they appear to offer. increasingly magical. fantastic and enchanted settings to attract consumers.Jekyll and Hyde would definitely be considered a Catherdral oI Consumption because it provides live entertainment and spooky special effects. Once the guests arrive into the restaurant they are warned that anything could happen at Jekyll and Hyde.The food menu is another adventure- 62 distinct dishes including Create-Your-Own-Monster burgers.

Frankenstein's Favorite and The Mummy. These Wierd names of the food doesn‘t necessary means what it says. itiust is again attracting the consumers so that they would have a hard time in deciding what they want or would want to spend more money and order a variety, they are Just attracting the consumers into wondering hmmm what could that he Are you a beer lover? No Problem! The brews at Jekyll and Hyde are also to be explored on the menu. The beers come from all parts of the world like Scotland. Ireland. Holland, Germany, Czechoslovakia which are served in traditional English Yards and Half-Yards. Along with the live entertainment and spooky special effects.

The creatures and memorabilia come to life and interact With you while you enioy your meal. Something Unusual happens every 10 minutes so the guests are warned. Anything can happen at Jekyll and Hyde now just hearing someone saying that to me made me want to visit the place and experience what does this place have that attracts other consumers. So I went and experience something that words cannot describe. I had the time of my life. To be honest I really did not enjoy Jekyll and hyde at the original location- which was in Greenich Village as much as I did enjoy myself at the Avenue of the Americas location. I mean when I went there things were actually poppping out of nowhere.

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