In the 21st Century, How Important Is to Be Able to Read, Write and Speak English in Thailand?

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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At the present time, English is used widely around the world and also the most spoken official language. Being able to read, write and speak English becomes important for Thai people because of various reasons. English is used in education and in doing business. Firstly, it is important for Thai children because English is used in education. There are many sources of knowledge written in English such as textbooks or information on the internet. If Thai children can read and write English fluently, they will understand the content which is written in English. They can also express their point of view by writing down.

Therefore, children will be able to access to more sources of knowledge. Nowadays, some Thai students go to study overseas. Living in a foreign country, English is very necessary since it is a language which used worldwide. Students must be able to speak English because they have to communicate with foreigners such as their classmates or their teachers. They are also required to read and write English in order to understand the information in textbooks and be able to finish their homework. Moreover, business opportunities for Thai people can be expanded by being able to read, write and speak English.

Currently, many foreign companies are established in Thailand. They want the employees who can use English fluently. In foreign companies, they use English as an Interlingua. Companies’ employees have to interact with people in English. They have to read papers and write down everything in English as well. Thus, it is advantageous to Thai people who are able to read write and speak English. For Thai employers, if they are able to speak English, they will have an easier communication with their business counterparts without hiring employ translators.

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This will cut down the companies’ expenses. Employers can directly negotiate with their counterparts. They can clearly understand each other business deal. In conclusion, it can be seen that English is very essential in Thailand. English is used for educational purposes and expanding business opportunities. Therefore, Thai people should realize that the importance of being able to read, write and speak English in Thailand is very necessary. We should try harder and harder in practices these skills.

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