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Wintertime In wintertime the story starts of depressing and explaining how the narrator and Harley Reeves have both been laid off from their jobs. Then he goes to the bar and notices a girl who is there and his friend Troy Just has to pick up on her and uses a corny pickup line. Troy Is In a wheel chair due too smoke Jumper's Injury, The lady at the bar was named Nolan. As the conversation carried on and got a little more personal troy invited Nolan to go fishing with him and his friend. Nolan agreed to go fishing and then get dinner.

They made their way out to the river and Less and Nolan began to talk about how cold It was and that led to Nolan telling him to warm her up. Just before they were going to warm each other up they heard a weird noise and It was Troy struggling while fishing for some reason. It turns out that troy has snagged a big fish and the tension slowly pulled him out of the chair and he was slowly being dragged on his chest down by the water. Troy was saying that he caught the big one and he needed help.

Troy pleaded with Less to help him catch the fish because he did not want to let it go. So Troy and Less struggled and pulled on the line as hard as they could for what seemed like minutes and they could not get it to budge. Less kept going farther out In the water until he got to where the line was snagged and he realized that It wasn't even a fish and Troy had gotten his line caught on a dead deer. This did not make Troy happy at all because he always thought fishing was his thing and he just got tricked by a dead animal that shouldn't have even been in the water.

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They all ended up going inside and having the chicken with wine and talked on throughout the night. Snagging the deer was a confidence killer for Troy. After that he watched Harley Reeves and his mother dance to end the night, he enjoyed seeing her happy. "And I thought about the matter of trust. That I would always lie if it would save someone an unhappiness. That was easy. And that I would rather a person mistrust me than dislike me... " (pig. 169) I could relate to this quote because I understood what It meant. But I did not agree with it. Retry much this salsa that they would rather beat around the bush and lie instead of be straight up with a person and just tell hem the truth no matter what it is or what affect it will have on the person. I believe in being very blunt with people and It can never turn into a negative thing if you are honest Instead of passive and always trying to say the next thing to please someone. Movie Essay The first time I saw Friday Night Lights, I was impressed by the movie and also as a fellow athlete that was playing football at the time.

Friday Night Lights is a movie that takes place in Texas at a high school called Permian in Odessa, Texas and it was indented to show the true intensity and stress of being a Texas high school football player and the pressure that is on them to succeed and not only win the state title but to earn a scholarship to play at a division 1 athlete. Instantly I understood and respected the passion that was portrayed by the actors. Not only was It socially correct, the director did not skip out on showing the work that goes in before the 1 OFF field.

I appreciated the detail and excitement that was created during their Journey to the state championship and everything that happens in-between. A lot of people have said that Friday Night Lights is an extreme portrayal of a sports movie. As an athlete that has played multiple sports for 10+ years it could not be more accurate. The intensity and seriousness of high school football in Odessa Texas was a well kept secret to the majority of the public and this movie shed light on a lifestyle that most high school kids never knew existed.

This movie shows the true passion of anyone who loves a sport and is willing to go through anything or anyone and sacrifice their body to achieve their ultimate goal and that is to win a championship. I think this is a movie that every athlete should watch no matter what their sport is because it portrays athletes that have heart, drive, commitment and a never ending passion for the sport that they love.

This movie took place in the late ass and speaking from a sports point of view not much has changed. The main character of the movie is the star running back Booby Miles. He is a god gifted athlete who has an ego as big as his linemen. Throughout the Movie Booby's cockiness grows but with good reason because he has earned himself the title of the umber one running back in the state and is the motor that pushes his team's offense into the end zone every game.

The only down fall for Booby Miles and the Permian Panthers is that they are severely undersized but are gifted with speed. I understood how this would affect the movie and the team because any athlete's goal while playing the sport is to become as big and strong as possible and sometimes it is a lot easier said than done but it is something you constantly work at and stress about. The social life of the teenagers in the movie was not shied away from. The Director wanted to give the viewer the full picture.

Many times throughout this movie there will be scenes where these high school athletes are being confronted by people in the community asking for their autographs and being told that they are their wives favorite players. A lot of pressure is put on these young kids by the community while out in public and they are reminded all the time that the season will be a waste if they do not win the state championship and they are constantly reminded that they are severely undersized compared to the boys on the there side of Texas.

I never experienced pressure this big from the community but I can relate because it seemed like every time I would have my baseball gear on from my high school or some football apparel I was always asked the same tired question "you guys going to get it done this year" or "those are some big boys with Del scholarships you think you can hang" these questions always added fuel to my fire that I kept deep down in my stomach because we were always portrayed as an underdog like Permian no matter how much we won.

I did not mind that role but sometimes I think there was some recognition that was deserved but never received. Friday Night Lights was a great portrayal of how much an athlete will sacrifice Just to win a championship. Friday Night Lights showed the true hard work and dedication that it takes to be one of the best teams. When Booby Miles gets injured and cannot play for the rest of the season it made me realize that you should never take a play or game for granted because all it takes is 1 play for your whole career to be ended and oh can lose everything you have worked for your whole life.

The roller coaster story I never thought of it as unrealistic one time during the move and that is rare because a lot of sports movies are predictable and not realistic portrayals of an athlete's life. My whole life has consisted of playing sports and being an athlete and there are a lot of misconceptions and thoughts that every athlete's talent is god given. That is why Friday Night Lights is such a good movie to get the true perspective because it is based on a true story and actual events.

Nothing is sugar coated nor is it over traumatized. Friday Night Lights does not have that story book ending where the underdog team puts in all the hard work and beats the best team. In the movie the Permian Panthers lose in the state championship. This was the most realistic part of the movie because it doesn't always end with you on top no matter how much work and heart you put into things. Minus the depressing ending Friday Night Lights is a attention grabbing story that will keep you guessing all the way until the end.

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