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Why maths are rejected? by M. Moran

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What is mathematics? Mathematics is a science, artistic expression of thought, a standard academic studying various concepts such as: space, structure, and change the amount; are a set of knowledge In progress, their objects of study are abstract and theoretical development is achieved through intuition, manipulating objects, and all forms of logical thought. What are we math? We used to be able to solve practical problems and daily life, understand the science, studying economics and an essential thing Is that it is very supportive and helps to develop the mind.

In recent years, several teachers and educators have tried to fold an explanation to why mathematics has become one of the materials with the lowest averages in current societies. But not only are they concerned this problem, parents and guardians also Curious about this rejection and fear that children from an early age to show the numbers. Lately, parents have come to regard mathematics the main cause of school problems with their children, and have referred to them with the worst qualifying. Thus mathematics acquired a bad reputation for the home and children and grow with hat paradigm.

One reason for the rejection of mathematics and the most important is the limited ability of some teachers to teach the subject; their teaching methodology Is not the best or correct; there are teachers who are not sufficiently trained to teach, especially In the primary which Is where the foundations of the art form; is how students they find it harder to understand a problem or solve a problem and qualify as "hard" or "boring". Moreover, as the mathematical learning is cumulative, changing mathematics teachers each year during school or college stage an also be a problem, since the methodology of teaching is not the same in all teachers.

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Many people do not consider the Importance of this matter, as they fall to see or acknowledge you in all your daily activities make use of them, either consciously or unconsciously; that is why teachers should teach their students from the beginning the applications of mathematics in everyday life and for them to get to see them differently and achieve curiosity and interest in it. They can use them to note that in such simple activities Like starting a pizza or an Ice cream.

Another major cause of this problem is that mathematics is a discipline that requires effort, concentration, dedication and patience; qualities that not everyone enjoys. So growing rejection, fear and hatred of math, because not all people are so disciplined in the art to be persevering in efforts to achieve and difficulty finding the desired result. Other causes of rejection are also stereotypes of teachers, and confuse or personality associated with the art teacher, If the teacher Is not to their liking them or saying that is difficult and even boring.

A clear example of this problem the 10th world power with respect to mathematics, being the contributor 5% of articles in scientific Journals in the world, but this has changed with the passing of the years living in Spain because certain mismatches have occurred over the years that have made new students from small will have little apathy to mathematics, among the highlights are: Training of teachers regarding the problem and motivation in the classroom. In this regard President SEEM (Spanish Society for Research in Mathematics Education) Bernard Gomez said that mathematics not only generate antipathy, but can provoke anxiety. Many teachers of the subject shows his annoyance about the academic to the decayed over the years but despite this level as Bernard Gomez, "There are great Spanish mathematicians. " But where is the problem? It is public knowledge that mathematics is considered one of the hardest if not the hardest materials, this causes very little enthusiasm in young people. The determinants of the lack of enthusiasm are lack of motivation, the teaching methodology of the study program, the attitude that put the dents in learning and 'climate' social adverse presenting this subject from parents towards their children.

An example of this social problem is in the "avoid something I do not understand ask for fear of looking like a fool in front of my peers. " Besides this internal factor lies in what is itself the subject that is the complexity when reason and not Just read and try it once, deserves a longer effort because it should read several times to achieve a successful argument, as if they need a math problem on the proposed extended understanding and a little reflection, Just so you an achieve a successful resolution to exercise.

We could see that there thinking skills that influence this paradigm aforementioned such as cognitive, affective and intentional skills are what create a negative atmosphere in most cases about the difficulty that can have mathematics through of their lives, this is due to a misconception that the person has in childhood as very young is not given good references to the child what is mathematics really like: "it's all about the math" . In this way we can help you make a concept car which is mathematics and the importance they will have in the future.

It would help to eradicate this problem, you teach from small to having love, affection and respect to mathematics and its content is infinite but is one of the most beautiful and important sciences of the world. In my opinion, mathematics is rejected because since childhood listening to adults talk that mathematics is difficult, which is the subject to which you have to put more effort because of its difficulty; and somehow this leads to a mental block for some children and only a hard work of a master or willingly takes discard this paradigm hat many of the people who reject mathematics have been left out.

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