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What Does It Mean to Be a Teacher

To Whom It May Concern, Teachers are the facade of a school.They teach students skills that prepare them for their whole life.Teachers are leaders not followers; they are the lyrics to a song.

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They support the helpless and make frowns into smiles. A teacher is always on time and neatly dressed, not grumpy. Teachers have lost their way now. They miss some school days at a time; they record grades into the computer at the last minute, and they do not care about the students.

Teachers have lost their true value. There is a teacher named Mrs. A, she does not do any of her work. She is never at school; her grades are never in on time, and there is always a substitute in her class room. Her students have not learned anything since school started, and it is certainly driving my teacher crazy. My teacher is always covering for her but gets in trouble for no reason. Teachers like Mrs. A have lost the knowledge of what it means to be a teacher.

They take it for granted; teaching children is a privilege that is rewarded to those who entirely devote themselves to the job. Not those who abuse the privilege. If a teacher can not meet their full expectations, then he/she should not have the job. Students need the strong to lean on, not the weak. Students need a soaring eagle, not a crawling worm. Teachers have lost their respect; the title does not mean anything anymore. Does anyone know what the definition of a teacher is? Sincerely, Brea Robinson

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