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What Do You Look Forward?

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I look forward to getting the best out of this program and come out a better nurse equipped and seasoned with sound knowledge and skills necessary to meet up with challenges in the healthcare system. However my greatest fear is time management Time management is very important in any area of life as success and failures are built upon it. It is my fear here as I have to juggle School, Work, family at the same time and meet up with the demands of each, allotting quality time to each section.

Language barrier on the other hand possess a little bit of challenge to me as I have to advance my writings from undergraduate level to graduate level. My plan to overcome this fear is to be organized from day one which entails knowing my schedule, plan and stream line my activities via time table format. Make effort to follow my time table, remove procrastination from it but allow flexible time for any unforeseen circumstances that might come up along the way.

Specific educational experience I encountered was when I started school here in a traditional class room, it was very difficult for me to comprehend what my instructors was teaching and also for them to understand me because of my accent. My fear was how to succeed in my education when I don’t understand the classroom lectures. I am even too afraid to ask questions fearing that they will not understand me or even laugh at me. I am fine studying my textbook at home but it is not enough as major and important points are highlighted in the lecture notes.

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So my first step in addressing this fear was to meet with my instructors after class and tell them my problem. Second step was to use the learning resources available at the college and attended series of passport classes for international students. This tutoring classes and one on one session with most of my instructors took all my spare and family time but it did pay off at the end of the semester with good grades. These resources helped me to overcome my fear, understand my instructors, and ask questions in class, improved on note taking skills and above all good grades.

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