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Trend and Opportunities

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Increasing awareness of “green” movement globally  The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday debated some $31 billion in tax credits and financial incentives to boost alternative energy supplied and promote energy saving steps as part of Obama administration (The Times of India, 2009).  Green Vehicles, which is a company based in California has started to sell an electric car that is pretty ‘economical’ and worth 20,000 dollars (Economy Watch). needs for alternative energy sources are felt by the consumers across the world and this urgent necessity is the main stimulator behind the development trends of alternative energy (Economy Watch)

Increased rate of health problems are forcing the public to go green to safeguard the environment and themselves Opportunities Companies should tout recycling to their employees/customers to differentiate themselves. Becoming a “green consultant” by helping companies and families learn how to be environmental could be a viable career. Using the existing greeneries to earn through “carbon trade”.  Becoming a “certifying agency” for the companies that go green by cutting the pollution hazards.  Promote institution to promote specialized courses for working in green companies that promote alternative energy resources. Read also emerging business opportunities at IBM case analysis


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Trend and Opportunities essay

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