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Topshop SWOT Analysis

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Topshop is a fashion store that has around 300 stores in the UK, and over 100 in international places. It was launched in 1964, and Topshop has become one of fashion’s largest success stories. They have captured the most fashionable styles every seasons, its bold and saucy approach to style has attracted fashion-conscious shoppers and industry insiders alike. Topshop’s triumph has been impressive, despite its humble start. Topshop started in the basement of Peter Robinson department store in 1964 and a few years later became an independent retailer.

In 1994, the brand took over the entire 90,000 sq ft space at London Oxford Circus, when the iconic Topshop flagship was launched. It is still there today, and is said to be the world’s biggest fashion store on the high street, captivating over 200,000 shoppers each week. As an early pioneer of high street and designer collaborations, Topshop’s partnerships with brands such as Cella Birtwell and Kate Moss, who is the history’s most iconic fashion names, and they have further secured the brand’s reputation as a fashion leader.

Topshop’s strength. Topshop’s strength is to access to target market with over 300 stores nationwide, and they are doing online shopping and shipping to over 100 countries now. Topshop also have a wide variety of merchandise, with thousands of looks per season, their looks per season comes along with creative design concepts and fresh ideas every year, these strongly says that the trend awareness of Topshop is very high. Topshop is also said to be the largest fashion store in UK, offering free personal style consultants, competing with the high-end department stores.

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They are in collaborations with designers and celebrities like Kate Moss and Cella Birtwell. Lastly, Topshop is part of arcadia, which is a group managing several successful brands. (177) Topshop’s weakness The weakness of Topshop is that few of the garments quality is not matching with the price, and that they have too many products and the staffs are not well educated enough about the merchandise, for example the material of the apparels. Most of the merchandise are made suited for only the younger demographic and few of the ad campaigns are not eye catching enough.

The company is said to be global, however it has a presence only in few countries worldwide. Topshop’s opportunities Topshop’s opportunities are that they have the potential for further globalization of the brand and more than 60 cities with a potential for a Topshop has been identified. Topshop also have th potential to franchise brand and develop new products and services like more trained staff. Topshop also have the opportunities to become the largest fashion store in other cities than London. Topshop’s threats Topshop’s biggest threat is the constant new entries and competitors in their home market.

There might be possible recession and people are less likely to spend money on trendy items Topshop have in store, given the current weaknesses of currency, Topshop is not the bargain it used to be. With constant new entrant, there will be price wars with their competitors. Topshop being a global retailer means that they are exposed to political problems in the countries that they operate in. With Topshop’s success, there is a potential for a brand that will copy the style that Topshop has for the past few years of trends. (377)

Topshop SWOT Analysis essay

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