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Toms Shoes Epedemic

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Simona Brotnei Professor Angelone English Writing 102 7 March 2012 “How Toms Shoes tipped ? ” Intro Section In the book, The Tipping Point, How little things can Make a Big Difference, written by Malcolm Gladwell. What is an Epidemic? Well there are different kinds of epidemics. Epidemics can be Products, diseases, Trend’s, and or Crimes. In order for an epidemic to tip, there are three rules that apply for an epidemic to tip. Epidemics are the phenomena word of mouth, or any number of mysterious changes that mark everyday life is for us to think of them as just that.

Epidemics are a contagious behavior; the rules in an epidemic are the Law of the Few, The Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. The Stickiness Factor The stickiness factor is some kind of information that makes it memorable and sticky, basically something that makes a person remember easily or a message that makes an impact. One of the three Laws that applies too, Toms Shoes is the stickiness of the shoes. The Epidemic that crossed my mind was TOM’s shoes. The co-founder of TOM shoes was Blake Mckoskie, his name was not Tom, Blake’s chose toms because it stands for Tomorrows Future.

Back In 2006, Blake went to Argentina, and discovered that the kids there had no shoes, So he came up with the Idea that for every pair of shoes purchased, he would give another pair to a child in need. Tom’s shoes missions is the One for One deal, which I stated above. The reason why Toms tipped was because of the One for One. This is what made TOMS so sticky, just the other day I wore a pair of Toms and this lady stopped me and somehow noticed my shoes and said to me, “Are those the shoes? ” where they give a pair for free? and she wanted to look at them, So I showed them to her. he then went on and said “that they are expensive ,” but I also stated that they were for a good cause. In the past year of September, TOMS sold over one million pair of shoes. His company is becoming more successful, and are growing bigger and bigger each day. Blake based the shoe style on the alpargata, a traditional Argentine shoe that farmers have worn for more than 100 years. The shoe is very lightweight and canvas slip-on with just a sliver of a rubber composite sole. It comes in multiple colors and prints for women, men and children. Toms comes out with a new style almost every six months.

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The shoe prices average from about $40-$100 dollars, They can be pricy but we also have to remember that its helping many kids without shoes, have shoes. The reason as to why Toms is so successful is, because they feel as if there making a difference in the world by helping the kids. They are satisfied and happy about themselves by helping the kids with no shoes. Toms has donated over 600 thousands paris of shoes to kids in 2010. The Power of Context Gladwell states, That the power of context, is no less more important than the two laws mentioned in the beginning of the book.

Epidemics are sensitive in the time and places in which they occur. The Power of context is one that has to do with the environment we live in. We are the ones that get the word out. Like for instance the word of mouth epidemic is by a person telling them about it, then them telling someone else; or even when they see something that they like, People will ask you where you got the product, then tell his or her friends. Back In May of 2010, I was at a Romanian convention and I noticed a guy wearing them and wanted to find out what kind of shoes they were, because they looked very cool and comfy.

I then went on found out where he got them, and bought two pairs, Now Most of the majority of the romanian community owns at least a pair of toms, if not even more. That explains why so many trends like skinny jeans, and or Jeans tucked in boots start. The environment has a lot to do with how epidemics occur, And that is how many trends come about. Just like in the book, The Tipping Point there were two kids that were wearing hush puppies in East village, and some high fashioned stylists seen them. Later on they skyrocketed and sold over 600 thousands pairs.

There is no other explanation more better than how the environment has many effects on how we look and or how we dress, the environment plays a big part on how products tip and how trends become more popular. Conclusion The reason why products tip are because the message itself had an impact, and or the environment where they were seen was noticed by big entrepreneurs. Why is it that many people like myself? are buying all into this, One thing is that it is contagious and the little things that make a change make a difference in the world.

Trends and or diseases are also just as contagious. The co-founder of Toms travels to many different colleges to reach out to peers because he wants the new generations to be concerned and aware with different things. and helping others is one that everyone can do if they cant help by buying a pair they can help by not wearing shoes for 24 hours and that event that is called One Day Without Shoes, is targeted mostly to students because they are the ones with time and its a free advertising by getting his shoes known. and what more not doing it at colleges.

Blake wants to raise up a better generations for our kids, and by helping and joining events just like this one is a great opportunity for many students to be aware and help make difference in the world. That is why they have an event every year, In Fact It is coming up shortly Sometime in April. The event mostly focuses on the awareness for people to realize that in many different parts of the country children are without shoes. Also to get others student to join and help if not by buying the shoes but by simply getting the word out.

The One Day Without Shoes event allows student-led college chapters of TOMS to hold awareness events on campus (and do some free advertising for TOMS). The movement reaches out to students who want to help and be a part of a larger philanthropic movement, but can’t afford to give large amounts of money or commit an extended amount of time. People who are already passionate about helping children in need are the prime candidates to join the TOMS movement, so the student chapters and the organization reach out to these individuals through their advertisements and promotions. Im gonna finish a quote by Ghandi, which was Blake’s favorite quote. Be the change you want to see in the world Works Cited Gladwell, Malcolm. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Boston: Little, Brown, 2000. Print. "Shoes Offer a Better Tomorrow. " NewsOK: Oklahoma News, Sports, Weather, Business, Entertainment & Oklahoma City Photos & Video OKC. Linda Miller, 5 Apr. 2009. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. . "Millennials and Philanthropy: 5 Tips I Learned from TOMSA Shoes. " Rebekah Bowen. 26 Aug. 2011. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. . "TOMS SHOES LOGO. " Bio Of Blake Mycoskie, The Founder & Chief Shoe Giver Of TOMS Shoes. 2 Feb. 2010. Web. 11 Mar. 2012. .

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