Tips About Economic Recession and the Anti-Change Attitudes

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Problems exist through the current limited business scope to make ends meet. It also appears that the move to expand (diversify the business is meeting with "opposition" from 'long -time employed' staff, major 'obstacles' to the company's growth through diversifying the activities by introducing a new project have been identified and must be dealt with as far as possible and as quickly as possible by employing the strategies mentioned in my recommendations. A satisfactory resolution can only bring about a much more stable working environment and hopefully, greater profitability and business expansion.

Background details: The main parts of the problems, from the company's historical background and the current situation, have come about as a result of the economic recession and the anti-change attitudes of the present staff-in particular of the inconsiderateness of the Project Manager. The business suffered significantly as a result of the drought years; the need for new grain silos diminished and resulted with a negative impact on the Company. The Managing Director correctly saw the need for expansion and diversification - especially when the company's infrastructure and staff expertise could be utilizes for the purpose.

An opportunity presented itself when Christine met an old friend, Philip Thomson, who had successfully done an engineering project overseas. Another opportunity for expansion also came when It was found that a new Freeway Infrastructure was to be built using steelwork beams which the Arrant engineering firm could produce using skills Like those possessed by Phillip Thomson. The bid for the production of the beams was successfully made, with a time frame of six-months for completion. However, problems arose immediately: there were staff resentments, "unnecessary' delays occurred, and it appeared staff were "sabotaging" he project.

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The "old-timers" within the staff resisted change, and were resentful of the fact that they were not consulted- and used the excuse that Instructions were not 'clear enough, that correct specifications for constructing the curved steel beams were not clearly explained to the staff, in particular, to the designer. As a result, two beams became 'useless' and three weeks of time wasted. Major Recommendations: I would suggest Immediate action be taken to halt further production of the steel beams, In order to avoid additional losses through labor and material costs.

The Motor Vehicle Freeway Infrastructure Project Authority should be contacted to inform them that there in some slight problem being experienced with the construction of the steel beams and there might be a minor delay with the completion of the 12 bridge support beams. However, your company will do its best to complete the work on time. Provide updates frequently. If necessary, suspend all bonuses to staff, with survival would be greatly, if not totally, reduced or eliminated. Have a meeting with the three senior staff members: the Project Manager, David Dobson, the Quality

Assurance Manager, Heath Jones, and Philip Thomson, the new Project Manager in charge of the steel beams manufacture. Impress on them the need for the successful completion of the project as specified, and on time. If this doesn't happen then all will be lost, and most likely the Company will fold up and go under. The survival of the company is paramount; it is more important than the resentment of an individual or the unchanging views of a few. The result will affect all staff members. Success would bring greater opportunities for expansion and progress- of the Company and its staff.

Mention that the current industry (the production of grain silos) has reached saturation point. Expansion and diversification is vital to industries, big or small, if they want to survive and be competitive. Seek 'contributory remarks' and suggestions as to how the company can complete the new project work on time. The involvement would no doubt be seen as a Joint decision-making exercise, and would be more acceptable to the other staff members. Suggest that the new project must be considered more urgent, and in need of total support and commitment. All "surviving" companies have had to diversify in order to expand and prosper.

Consider, when, or if the new project is successful, about establishing new "departments" within the company, so that the existing staff can be incorporated into either the 'old' grain silos production section or move to the newer project areas whatever they may be in the future. Also consider the re-training of existing staff if seen appropriate. As well (and in complete confidence) the removal or retrenchment, of a trouble- maker' may be necessary, for the sake of the company's survival. Suggest that any further delays or 'sabotaging of the Project would result in closure - and the end of all benefits.

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