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The Steps For Implementing A Policy

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By ensuring that we have a clear understanding of what we ant to achieve and how we will measure the success of the change" ("Implementation," 2011, p. 1). The steps for implementing a policy. Plan Planning involves detailed research about what the policy is to accomplish and achieve. This happens on both the legislative side by creating a law that has beneficial and desired outcomes and on the organizational side by planning the responses the organization will make that are directly related to the policy.

Having a solid understanding and a good plan in place is the first step for implementing a policy. Do The 'Do' step of PADS involves design a plan to implement the policy into action. One key point is addressing the behaviors of the people who are likely to hold back or move away from the new policy and address them directly. There are always transformation, transition, and development stages to work through as part of the 'Do' stage. Study In the study phase the results of the 'Do' stage will be analyzed and measured for surprises, failures, successes, and consequences.

In the study phase it is good to review the results and compare them to the predicted outcomes and establish modifications that will make the policy better from what was learned. Act In the 'Act" stage you will take the information and data collected from the first three stages and make the appropriate changes. The policy may just need to be adapted with slight modifications. The policy may need to be adopted and changes made within the organization.

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The policy may need to be abandoned, completely changes and the PADS cycle started again. Role of major stakeholders in the process. The role of stakeholders is to participate in discussion that prioritize and describe the policy and how it is intended to be implemented. What can cause a policy to fail? A committee assignment can cause a policy to fail. If the committee has a Chair that does not support the policy then it is likely to fail because it will not be put near the top of the agenda.

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