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The “Steady” Person: A look into my own world

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People talk a lot about personality or behavior as if it’s such an uncomplicated and unfussy concept, but they end up having difficulty defining it when asked. They are apt to say that it (behavior or personality in general) is something a person “has. ” They describe the behavioral components of particular people in words like “friendly,” “nice,” “forceful,” or “aggressive,” to paint a picture of what they mean by the term and as a result end, instead, in vague descriptions of how a person usually behaves with other people.

On the other hand, when we base our descriptions on concrete and observable actions that people commonly do or adapt, we come up with what experts call as “behavioral profile. ” There are different styles of behavior as well as there are no right and wrong profile. When we come up with correct profiling, the expected result is that we develop ways of getting to know a more concise and accurate picture of ourselves, or people in general. Personality is more than poise, charm, or physical appearance. It includes habits, attitudes, and all the physical, emotional, social, religious and moral aspects that a person possesses.

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However, to be more precise, the explicit behavioral styles covered in the course, perhaps, best captivate an individual’s personality and how he/she is understood. With the different behavioral styles, an overall pattern of various characteristics is seen. Like a “psychograph,” a person’s profile is pulled together and at a glance, the individual can be compared with other people in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses. Discussion As a person possessing the characteristics given under the Steadiness Style category, I know and accept that this kind of profile has its strong and weak points.

People with this behavioral style, working in the sphere of influence or organization they are placed at present, with the distinctive blind spots commonly tied with this behavior, will (in spite of its comeliness) also experience certain setbacks, especially if the “weaknesses” of this behavior are left unaddressed. Strengths of Steadiness Style People under the profile of Steadiness Style are found to be demonstrative, sympathetic, helpful, compassionate, and caring. Unlike the other behavioral styles, these descriptions are common to someone who enjoys people and takes pleasure in working directly with the concerns of individual persons.

This is my type. Most of my colleagues and clients find me pleasant. They observe and appreciate the positive traits (strengths) of my “style. ” I have the ear to listen to whatever people would want to say or express. I am naturally a very loyal friend and therefore can be trusted. For me, it is not difficult to work with different people, and thus, I am good at working in a team. My co-workers easily relate to me as we do our work together. Our tasks in the office are often expedited because of the mutual support we give each other.

The positive atmosphere or lack of it in certain places, I observe, is due to different styles, or rather, to the many weaknesses of other behavioral styles. My type of behavior creates“lightness” in ambiance, for it is more of other-centered type. It seeks to help and understand. Steadiness Styles go along with others well even when they find certain “traits” in others which are disagreeable. It is always important to keep one’s composure and to keep the boat calmly sailing. Because of this optimistic outlook that S Style has, people tend to respond in like manner. It begets the same trust, same sympathy, and same support.

Weaknesses of Steadiness Style As I have mentioned above, although this behavioral style has its strengths, it also has its weaknesses. In my case, I do not want to disturb the regularity of the condition of my world. I do not want to do things that will somehow upset the status quo. This, I believe, is the main weakness of Steadiness Style. All of the good characteristics of this style might be attributable to this same weakness. In other words, the good points which make Steadiness Style attractive are actually, or may actually be, its way to compensate for its main weakness.

From this fear of instability proceeds coping mechanisms which are likeable traits that can actually win people. One of the weaknesses of my style is the fear of risks. Because I do not want to face an unknown future, my tendency is to maintain the security of the present. I do not want to impose certain changes, even when it is necessary, for fear of failure. I am distressed with the prospect of disruptions in my work. If ever there are necessary and inevitable changes that must be taken, I must think them through, create certain schemes/plans, and assimilate the inescapable changes into my world.

Steady Style people have difficulty coping with unexpected distractions and therefore must always endeavor to maintain poise, constancy, and equilibrium. Another weakness attributable to person with S Style is his/her slowness in decision making. I could not decide alone. I want to include other people – my colleagues – in any decision that needs to be done. To involve people in decision-making process is in itself cannot be called a weakness. There are times when opinions or expertise of others need to be sought to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis of the real situation; these are times when suggestions and advices are priceless.

However, to be held back from a crucial and necessary decision, merely because of fear of implementing necessary steps that might be unpopular in initial stages but beneficial in the long haul, is indecisiveness. It is a weakness which I find interwoven with all the good peculiarities of the Steady type. Conclusion Although there might be more “strengths” or “weaknesses” attributable to Steadiness Style, what have been discussed here in this paper is enough to guide and enable one to understand this type of behavior.

A systematic profiling of behaviors is designed to assist anybody – employees and employers/managers alike – to gain a better understanding of the differences inherent in different behavioral styles, and so be able, as a result, to work proficiently with other people who are framed with diverse styles of behavior. Remember, there is/are no right and wrong profile/s. Each behavioral profile is distinct and has its combined strengths and weaknesses. Our different styles are just statements of our uniqueness/distinctives on how we opt to do things.

When understood properly, these differences of styles can be utilized to achieve excellent ends. If, on the other hand, this crucial understanding of behavioral types is bypassed, it creates a myriad of otherwise preventable problems. It is important that “blind spots” be put into light as in the case of Steadiness Style treated in this paper. It’s difficult to think of this “type” as having negative sides. According to studies, it is of the four styles, the most people-oriented. How could such a style retain with it bad qualities when it appears to be so “selfless” in nature?

I have given the answers to the question when I pointed out the weaknesses of this behavioral style. With the understanding then that is gained through the discussion in this paper, the hope and prospect of the writer is better working relations with others who do not possess the same style of behavior as the one treated here. Reference 1. ________ Behavioral Styles. (please fill in your source for the file you uploaded here). 2. Bruce, Debra. 2005 in http://www. debrabruce. com/articles/DiSC-behavior-styles. php 3. D'Innocenzo, Len. 2005. in www. crkinteractive. com.

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