The Roles of Women During the Progressive Era

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When people think in back to the late 19th and early 20th century, many think of men fighting in war, working in harsh factories, or working on a farm. But what about the women at this time? Many people believe men played the most Important role In this era, but women were Just as equally helpful. If it weren't for what women did then, things would not be the same now. Women played Just as important roles as men did. Without women, men couldn't have done some of the Important things they did back in this time. The first major example of this was women volunteering their time to urse and aid injured soldiers during war, like the Civil War.

Women started fundraising to raise money tor medical supplies, like door-to-door campaigns and performances of all kinds. But many women wanted to take a more active role in the war effort. Some tried to find their way to front lines of battles so they could care for sick and injured soldiers as soon as they could. When war called for more men, women took their job in the factories. Factory conditions were dangerous and rough. Working women spent up to twelve hours a day performing factory duties. Another role that was definitely underrated during this time. as the role of a housewife.

This may not seem like hard work to some, but during this time being a housewife required a lot. Women made and cooked meals for their family. They had to clean and decorate the house. They sewed clothes, blankets, and draperies. They also had to watch over and raise their children, teaching them their manners and more. If their was an elderly person living in the household, the woman was to take care of them too. If their husband was away or ill, farm women had to harvest crops and plow and plant the fields on top of their other duties. Having a family and up-kept ousehold wouldn't be possible if it weren't for women.

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They were also plenty of roles women fllled that didn't necessarily Involve men. Some women became teachers. women were discouraged from pursuing higher education because it was culturally considered unnatural for a woman to be educated. Many women had a passion for education, and wanted to educate others, especially youth. For example, Maria Mitchell. She was the first women to be honored winning the election to the American Academy of Arts and sciences. she was given the offer of teaching at Matthew Vassar's school and became one of his greatest teachers. fortunately, most women women were expected to teach young children, while men could teach older ages, such as teenagers. Society said you could not teach and be married at this time it you were a woman. Because of these sexist expectations from mostly men, many women started advocating for women's rights and equality between genders. One of the most important advocates in leading the way for women's rights was Susan B. Anthony. She co-founded the first National Women Suffrage Association and women's rights journal, The Revolution.

She also traveled tOf2 around ne country, glvlng speecnes to large crowds aoout women's rlgnts women like her, we would not have the rights we have today. In society today, most people see men and women as equal genders. Women have more opportunities now then they ever have before. Still, any position of power is not usually expected to be a women nowadays. Even though women have proved to be strong, history showing us this, they are still seen as "weak" and "emotional" by many. Women were part of vital growth of this country. The roles they played back in time were Just as equally important as men's.

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