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The History Of National Curriculum Education Essay

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First and first, I am Rubatarshne d/o Vasu as a pupil from Kirkby International College would take this chance to show my profound gratitude and deep respects to my guide Mr. Danapalan for his model counsel, monitoring and changeless encouragement throughout this assignment. The approval, aid and guidance given by God towards my assignment enable me to finish my assignment successfully.

I would besides wish to thank my friends in assisting me by giving support. In this assignment I have gain abundant cognition and experiences. I have increased my degree of assurance when I met headmistress, senior aid and instructors. As a hereafter instructor, I besides learned that there are two types of activity that had been conducted in school which are school activities and category activities. Besides that, a strong bond of relationship formed between me and my former instructors. I would wish to thank one time once more to my lector for giving me a undertaking sing on National Philosophy of instruction ( NPE ) .

Last, I would wish to thank to my instructors that willing to pass clip with me to carry on interview. Teachers such as Mrs. Vasugi, Mrs. Chitra and Mrs. Devanagi from Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil, Hicom, Shah Alam and Mrs. Rahinun bt Mohd Noor from Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Uda, Alor Star, Kedah Darul Aman. I learnt about their instruction and acquisition method which will be utile for me in hereafter.

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National Philosophy of Education

Education play a polar function in Malaysia particularly politically, economically, and socially of all time since the independency of Malaya in 1957 and the formation of Malaysia in 1963. Since so, several instruction policies were being drafted and altered to run into the instruction demands of the people of Malaysia from clip to clip. In 1988, National Philosophy of Education ( NPE ) was formulated based on thoughts and rule of policy paperss. It is guide for all educational activities in Malaysia and sets the values and rules of the Malayan instruction system from primary to the third degree.

( NPE ) consist of several elements to bring forth persons who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced and harmonic. The first component of ( NPE ) is instruction as an ongoing attempt that getting and reassigning cognition accomplishments and baronial values which start from an early age boulder clay decease. It is critical to determine personality of kids which will help them to accommodate assorted types of alterations. Following, is ( NPE ) besides develop single potencies. Each human being has their ain hidden endowments which can be nurtured and developed, abilities that should be tapped, and enhanced through societal interaction with environment. Belief and obeisance to God is another component of ( NPE ) which 1 must acknowledge the being of God and accept him as the Creator. Every person should be to the full responsible for his works and actions. The last component is to bring forth knowing Malayan citizens. We as a Malayan citizen should hold love for cognition and strive to further cognition and implement reading civilization in our day-to-day life. So, it clearly shows that if each and everyone in the instruction fraternity uphold ( NPE ) when transporting out their undertakings with full duties, our educational ends will go world.

National Curriculum

There are three clip types of alterations in course of study such as Old Primary School Curriculum ( KLSR ) before 1982, New Primary School Curriculum ( KBSR ) and Standard Primary School Curriculum ( KSSR ) .Firstly, Old Primary School Curriculum. ( KLSR ) was implemented since the state attained its independency. In 1960, the Subject Review Committee has been established is besides known as Rahman Talib Report. In add-on, this degree of instruction system is oriented to the eradiation of illiteracy. Traditional schoolroom is a topographic point where a group of pupils will follow the acquisition procedure. In this type of schoolroom, pupils normally sit in the order of chairs and tabular arraies that are arranged line by line. For case, pupils who are tall should sit at the back whereas pupils who are short or have hapless seeing should sit forepart. In conformity with the facets of Rahman Talib Report, all pupils must go through in Bahasa Melayu public scrutiny which the paper is written in Malay Language. It aims to further integrity among multiracial society.

Following, is New Primary School Curriculum ( KBSR ) which was implemented in 1982 as a test footing of new course of study. So, in 1983 authorities to the full implemented Integrated Primary school Curriculum which besides known as ( KBSR ) . The course of study design based on three countries which are communicating, adult male and environment, and development of single ( KBSR ) emphasizes pupils survey in group and interaction between instructor and pupils, pupils and pupils are really stressed in this ( KBSR ) . In footings of learning schemes, student-centered is actively attack in the procedure of instruction and acquisition. This is because it raises an interesting environment in schoolroom and stimulates the procedure of instruction and acquisition. The rating in ( KBSR ) emphasize in basic accomplishments ( 3R ) that pupils should be mastered which are unwritten, reading and composing. Students who could non get the hang any topics, the pupil will be sent to remedial categories. RemedialA categories are frequently used to emphasize the rudimentss in a topic such as math or linguistic communication.

Last, Standard Primary School Curriculum ( KSSR ) course of study design based on six spikes which are communicating, spiritualty, attitudes and values of physical and aesthetic development of humanistic disciplines, scientific discipline and engineering and visual aspect. From 2011, the primary school course of study start to use ( KSSR ) which involves alterations in design, organisation, content, teaching method, clip allotment, assessment methods, stuffs and direction of the school course of study. ( KSSR ) emphasized the usage of different learning attacks larning ( P & A ; P ) that give more accent and impact on pupils. For illustration, instructors teach the pupils by nearing to inquiry findings, solution and job, constructivism, contextual, learning based on future and larning based on undertaking. Therefore, the three elements of value was added and introduced in the ( KSSR ) the component of creativeness and invention, entrepreneurship, information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) .

In short, alterations in the epoch of globalisation require a alteration in the balance of the instruction course of study like ( KLSR ) before 1982, ( KBSR ) and ( KSSR ) .These alterations improve the quality of primary instruction to be more relevant to the challenges of the present and of the twenty-first century. It is really critical to carry on activities harmonizing to ( NPE ) particularly in schools and universities and ushers to a standard course of study. By implementing the course of study efficaciously in schools, it can develop the pupils cognitive, affectional and psychomotor ( physical ) with other potencies ( JERIS ) in pupils. Here, there will be ambitious unit of ammunition among pupils to vie each other. By implementing activities which are in incorporate mode will do the pupils to believe out of the box.

School Activity

Recently, I have interviewed schoolmaster and senior aid in two schools which are Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Uda ( SKTU ) at Alor Star, Kedah and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Hicom ( SJKT ) at Dengkil, Selangor. The intent of these interviews is based on the national course of study of the school which reflects the aim of ( NPE ) . Harmonizing to the interviews that conducted in both schools, I identify that there are two types of activities are organized in schools which are school based activities and schoolroom activities. Assorted types of activity that are organized in school aligned with ( NPE ) . There are five chief activities that carried out in school like Sports Day, Motivational Talk, Qiamullai, Excell Program and 'gotong-royong ' .

First and first, Sports Day is carried out during the month of February yearly. All the instructors and pupil from Standard 1 until Standard 6 are involved in this activity. A few hebdomads before Sports Day, pupil start to give their names for participate events like high wide leap, 100m race, 'shot put ' and others. After the school hours, pupils will get down to pattern the activities at school field. The importance to form this activity is to develop pupils who are healthy. Sports can construct up musculus and castanets which finally will do the pupils to go healthy. Sports twenty-four hours is the clip where pupil is taught and expose to assorted types of athletics and learning to be cooperate in squad games, be discipline as to follow the regulations for each game or athletics and so much more. Sports are a really healthy activity that can maintain away a batch of unneeded disease such as corpulent. Students can keep their personal wellbeing which is aligned with ( NPE ) . This activity can assist to develop psychomotor accomplishments in pupils.

Another activity that was conducted in school is Motivational Talk which was given by the Sir Ismail who is one of the counsellors in that school. This talk is to provide the stableness of pupil 's emotions and self direction for their excellence. All pupils are involves in this talk and given cognition to fix themselves for tests. It is carried out in three stages which are learning techniques, clip direction and emotion control. Students take the importance key characteristics and seek to better ego failing and doing utilize the strength to guarantee excellence in their pupils. This activity helps to bring forth pupils who are high moral criterions and responsible which is in lined with ( NPE ) . Here, pupils can stabilise their emotions in a right way.

Qiamulail is besides one of the activities that were conducted in schools. All the Muslims pupils were involved in this activity while non-Muslims pupils were involved in Moral category. Muslims pupils stayed in inn for one twenty-four hours to finish their supplications. Their supplications will get down at early in the forenoon which is at 4 in the forenoon and ends at 5 in the eventide. This activity brings a strong religious life and is a manner to acquire closer to God which is extremely demanded. The pupils besides have an chance to construct the spirit of appreciating faith and have faith in God. This activity mould pupils to believe in God as stated in ( NPE ) . In this activity, pupils can high spiritualty within themselves and avoid them to affect in immoral activities.

Activity like 'Excell Programs ' which is mean by excess categories are organized in school. Engagement of all pupils is mandatory for this activity. It has two stages which are boring pupils understanding in each chapter and techniques to reply inquiries. Phase 1 is to better pupils ' apprehension in each chapter so that they can understand and execute good in tests while stage 2 is to give them the correct schemes to reply the inquiries harmonizing to exam criterion. Phase 1 is done with the aid of instructors at category after completing each chapter. Phase 2 is carried out after the concluding appraisal. The instructors will give proper techniques of replying to each topic. Here, the pupils will get the hang the replying techniques when they were given to reply past twelvemonth inquiries and exercisings. Those pupils who improved in a peculiar topic they will be given wages by the schoolmaster. This will make enthusiasm in learning. Here, pupils improve their cognitive accomplishment which helps to bring forth pupils who are knowing and competent as stated in ( NPE )

The last activity that was conducted is 'gotong-royong ' . The spirit of gotong-royong is a nucleus of civilization that pupils should follow. Students were divided into groups to clean different types of country in schools like filed, garden, schoolrooms, hall and others This activity was held to nurture pupils to well-behave, co-operate with others, love and responsible to take attention of their school, and to give consciousness to pupils about healthy organic structure, head and environment. After the gotong-royong event, pupils will pick up trash on the floor anyplace in the school if they see it. It is of import that cleanliness and beautification will maintain the environment to be contributing and comfy so that the instruction and acquisition procedure would be more effectual. Besides, the activity really is in line with ( NPE ) which is to bring forth balanced person from the facet of emotional. They love and appreciate the school, the nature, have a sense of belonging and solidarity and in conclusion they will go mature in thought.

Class activity

Besides school based activities, there are besides schoolroom activities which are effectual to pupils. Classroom activities should be built chiefly on making chances for pupils to show and understand meaningful linguistic communication. However, the activities are based on form-focused direction and disciplinary feedback which is indispensable for the development of pupils in the schoolrooms. Lesson program is the usher for instructors to fix activities for pupils and set assortments in order to make merriment learning environment. The activities that conducted in the category are function drama, playing games, spelling modus operandi, Q & A ; A activity and Lady Bird.

The most interesting activity that pupil enjoyed is function drama. Role drama is an built-in portion of the course of study for speech production and hearing. The usage of function drama provides pupils to develop speech production and listening accomplishments when they speak as a character, program scenes, use duologue and measure their ain public presentation and that of others. For case, the instructor wants to learn about business. The instructor can inquire their pupils to move a instructor, physician, tradesman, attorney and others. Here, pupils will brainstorm their thoughts to move as one of the business. Students get to wider their cognition and experiences when they start to prosecute with other pupils while utilizing marks, props, bill of fare, and so on. The school instructor besides states that this function drama activity can construct pupil 's assurance degree when pupils are brave to show in forepart of their friends. High moral criterions can be created among pupils to model good behaviour and bring forth personal wellbeing as stated in ( NPE )

Another amusing activity that carried out by instructor in schoolroom is playing games. There many types of games that pupils participated which were saber saws mystifier, on-line synergistic games, word a twenty-four hours and others. These games are great exercising for encephalon. It helps the pupils to better their memory, spacial and pattern acknowledgment and spelling accomplishments. Game like word a twenty-four hours can make a reading environment in the schoolrooms. Students were told to convey newspaper cutting during English category. First, pupils were given instructions by instructor to look for word which they do non understand. After that, they have to look up for the significance in dictionary and build them into sentences. In this activity, pupils who collect a batch of words will be given award as a item of grasp. Besides that, this activity besides emphasizes pupils to read independently and wider their cognition in footings of vocabulary. Teachers and pupils are setting their attempt as ongoing attempt for excellence in order to bring forth knowing Malayan citizen as stated in ( NPE )

Following, is spelling everyday which is conducted by instructor in the schoolroom. The most helpful manner of giving spelling is to compose the word down for the pupils utilizing the 'look, screen, write, look into ' modus operandi which is originally devised by Peters and Cripps ( 1980 ) . First the instructor writes the word for the pupils to look at the word and to memorise it. This can be done by following or copying it. The right version is so removed or covered and asked the pupils to compose the word from memory without any aid. The pupils ' spelling is so checked against the right version. If the spelling is right, pupils can integrate the word into their authorship. If the word is wrong when comparing the two versions, place where the job lies and reiterate the whole process. This scheme helps pupils to memorise the correct spelling by looking at the whole word. Besides that, it helps pupils to acquire the overall ocular form of the word which they can easy retrieve it. This activity helps to bring forth Malayan citizens who are knowing and competent as aligned with ( NPE ) .

Another activity that can transport out in category is Q & A ; A activity which is base for inquiry and reply. This activity is organized it is easy to be carried out in the category but the activity is able to make the two manner interaction between instructor and pupil expeditiously. The inquiries given by instructor require pupils to believe and able to measure what has been taught by instructor during the lesson. In add-on, the inquiries must be organized and good quality because it will assist pupils to sharpen their thought every bit good as to make more dynamic and effectual acquisition environment. For case, teacher gives inquiries sing on Mathematic topic. Teacher can change the inquiries into non subjective and subjective signifier which will measure pupils ' thought accomplishment. The purpose of the activity is to promote pupils to believe creatively, advanced, logical and critical thought in line with National course of study which is to mold pupils ' behaviour and thought from the facets of rational.

Last but non least, the activity that carried out in category is Lady Bird. This activity creates for pupils who are slow scholars. It is one the manner to catch slow scholars ' attending to analyze smart. Teacher lays a critical function here by giving eternal support to pupils as they can be a good scholar like others. First, it is conducted by supplying a text with figure of inquiries. The inquiry should change from 3 degrees of facets which are easy, mean and difficult. Students need to seek for cardinal words in the text and high spot or underscore the key features that enable them to reply the inquiries. Students who are fast scholar will be junior instructor for those who are slow scholars. Slow scholars will experience free to inquire inquiries or elucidations to their friends without vacillations. After this session carried out, there are slow scholars who are able to read after involve in this activity for three months and showed addition in each school scrutiny. This activity persist in ( NPE ) by a least figure of slow scholars which will lend in bring for thing literacy state in Malaysia.


In decision the National doctrine of Education ( NPE ) gives a really large impact on the development of instruction that involves the ministry of instruction, formation of assorted new constructs in instruction, course of study, co-curriculum, schools, instructors and pupils. Overall this causes a great betterment of the citizen of the state as reference in the ( NPE ) in the formation of balanced and harmonious persons physically, rational, emotional, spiritually and socially, citizen that lives in harmoniousness, believes in God and others.

As a hereafter teacher we should use ( NPE ) in learning and learning procedure so that it produce a better Malayan citizen.

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