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The Electronic Cigarette Alternative

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We live in a fast-paced world, and with each invention things speed up even more. And here it does it again. An electronic version of anything, from the e-book to the cloud technology, will continue to have rejoinders in the arrival of the e-cigarette. Fancy a drag? Why not try it through a healthier form of smoking in the medium provided by e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are the latest crazes that were made in a bid to replace tobacco in a world that is becoming more aware about health hazards.

The lectronic cigarette resembles the traditional cigarette in appearance but it works its magic by simulating the effect of tobacco once it hits the system. The e-cigarette can very well become the means that one can adopt to help them wean off smoking altogether although research questions remains to be framed and studied regarding how successful or common this optimistic attitude has resonated with smokers or aspiring quitters. However, as an alternative, the e-cigarette is said to be safer than real' cigarettes.

The concept was formulated by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, in the period following the new millennium, allowing the continued inhalation of nicotine sans the cons of tobacco smoke. Although the e-cigarette was welcomed by a flurry of bans by different countries around the globe, the openness and inquisitive spirit of research has once again opened the way for real questions to be asked regarding the advantages of switching from ciggies to its electronic version. The e-ciggies are more ser-friendly.

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The user merely needs to take long drags to release the nicotine from the cartridge. That's the end of traditional lighters for you. Once no longer in use, the atomizer in the cylinder detects a change in air pressure and deactivates. It comes in different flavors so the user can take their pick. It is a safer option for newbie's. Some old timers say that the e-cigarette makes for a poor replacement because they feel that the 'hit' is missing when they inhale the smoke released into the throat.

Maybe it's not even about going away from 'real' cigarettes. E-cigarettes exist as an option in a market that is driven by its ability to offer buyers with variety. Their pitch stands on the foundation that they are free from over 4000 chemical that are present in traditional fags. Finally, the user will benefit from the product because they will have more disposable income to spend on other products as e-cigarettes are way cheaper than their big brother.

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