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The Advantages of Being Bilingual

1. The advantages of being bilingual

There are many advantages of being bilingual. It can get you many places in life and could help you in a time of need.

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Knowing English as a second language is a good thing in many western countries. There are many English-speaking people in western countries and knowing English will help you to communicate with people. Also, I travel to America a lot for vacations, so knowing English helps. The third is that if I want to have a conversation with foreigner it could help me. As so many advantages of being bilingual, if you want to improve your skills in connecting with foreigners, you should start learning another language.

2. Ways to meet people in a new place

It can be difficult to meet people in a new city if you don’t know where to look for and how to find them. One of the easiest way to meet people is by starting visiting your local restaurants and bars. Many people come to bars to get a break from their daily tiring schedule and they are more interested in meeting or chatting with new people.

Second ways is by getting to know your friend’s friends. Go to all the house parties and birthday parties that you get invited to. There you will be introduced to meet new people through you friends. Last, network might be a good way for making new friends and meeting new people. And those people could lead you to more new friends. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Learning to easily meet new people can open doors in life, not only doors to new relationships, but also new friendships, and new career opportunities.

3. Advantages of growing up in a small town

There are several advantages of growing up in a small town. First of all, living and air quality may make people healthier. If we grow up in a small town which has fresh air and no pollution, we can get healthy body. The second advantage is that the people in small town are easy to get along with. You don’t need to think about how to deal with them, just lived with them naturally. And they are willing to help each other. The third advantage of growing up in a small town is people there usually have good attitude. Because there is nothing to worry about and life is much simple. To sum up, growing up in a small town make people feel more comfortable and relaxing.

4. Disadvantages of growing up in a small town

There are several disadvantages of growing up in a small town. First of all, you don’t have as many job opportunities. It’s not convenient to get news and message, so less and less company would like to set their factories in a small town. The second disadvantage is that everyone knows your business. Once you tell a person, the things will get around town fast. The third disadvantage of growing up in a small town is you have nothing to do because there is nothing to do.