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System Analysis and Design – Midterm

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Town of Eden Bay 1. The town of Eden Bay has many workers that are all determined to succeed, but without having a strategic plan set in place, as well as a clear mission statement the employee’s are becoming frustrated. Some of the workers have mentioned that they work off a budget from year to year without any sight of a long-term plan set in place. This will surely add to their frustration and prevent the town from setting and reaching its desired long-term goals. 2. The Maintenance Department’s SWOT Analysis Possible Strengths: Dedicated Staff Possible Weaknesses: Using Legacy Systems Poor Records/Data Handling

Possible Opportunities: Improving on Current System Future Company GrowthPossible Threats: More Efficient/Organized Competitor 3. Specific Steps to Follow During Preliminary Investigation: a. Analyze Systems Request b. Make Recommendations c. Interview with Management and Staff d. Identify Constraints e. Report to Upper Management with Findings 4. Out of the four tests of feasibility I would perform an operational feasibility analysis to determine whether the project is worthwhile and profitable to the company. Countrywide Construction 1. The correct duration would be 65 Days. 2. Critical Path:

Prep Foundation (10d)> Assemble Building (4d)> Final Inspection (30d)> >Arrange for Sale (3d) 4. PERT/CPM Chart: Chapter 4 Review Questions 3. JAD and RAD are teams both composed of users, managers, and IT staff. They differ from traditional fact-finding methods because the users, managers, and IT staff all work together to gather information and define new system requirements, whereas traditional methods are composed of all IT staff. These teams get a wider range of input due to the diverse nature of the team members. However, this can be costly or not as efficient if too many people are involved. 4.

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Total Cost of Ownership is the sum of the direct and indirect costs of installing a system. This is important to determine the actual total cost of a system. 5. Closed-ended questions limit the response but yield more specific information. Open-ended questions encourage spontaneous and unstructured responses. Range-of-Response questions are closed-ended questions that ask a person to evaluate something by providing limited answers to specific responses. 7. The Hawthorne Effect is a theory that people are more productive when being observed regardless of whether their working conditions are better or worse.

This is significant because people may not work as harder when not being watched. 8. An FDD diagram is a model of business functions and processes. This is used to show how business functions are organized into lower-level processes. To create an FDD you would list the steps and tasks in order. 10. I would give the presentation to users, management, and IT staff. For users I would focus on their daily routines. For management I would focus on TCO. For IT staff I would focus on the technical specs and operations of the system.

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