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SWOT analysis of Quintus

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In any business, it is important to carry out a strategic planning known as SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis critically analyses the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats a particular business in whichever sector is facing.

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SWOT analysis of Quintus

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. Still on competition, other airlines are adding capacities past the market demand and going for market share against profitability. They can only deal with this threat of competition by removing the outdated legislations like those restricting foreign ownership. Also they are counting on the government to pass the aviation policy that will lead to a balanced and sequenced process to future market.

Security is another big issue with Quintus having to spend over 260 million dollars 400% increase since 2001. Also the increase of expenses on insurance premium is threatening the profitability of the company (Glasson, 1994, pp76). Even though security should be taken care of by the Australian government, the aviation sector is still taking care of the entire security infrastructure in airports. Thirdly, the rise in fuel prices is costing the company a lot being difficult to adjust as the flights are booked in advance. The global financial crisis experienced in 2007-2010 has dealt a big blow to Quintus due to reduced flights.

Also the cancellation of flights recently due to the eruption of Volcano, spreading the volcanic ash in the skies made Quintus go through a very difficult financial time. Quintus has expanded its opportunities by spreading its businesses. It formed three groupings: “flying, flying services and non-flying businesses. ” Through that, better clarification on the financial performance of each area is established. Also, the businesses can be linked to generate great value through diversification of earnings increasing the total net worth.

The establishment of sustainable future by Quintus has helped it find savings to help it maneuver through hard times; through achievement of set targets and compete effectively. In addition, Quintus is investing more in both flying and non-flying businesses to be able to meet the needs of customers that evolve all the time, like the establishment of jester which helped boost Quintus presence in the world

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