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The division started to take new genuineness through offshore trading as well as local manufacturing. In this process IAC Consumer Brands launched many new products and also bonded with Joint Venture business relationships with 'Dabber India' and 'Title UK' and attained international alliances with world. The necessity of pure food in the minds of Bangladesh consumers especially in the commodity food business has pushed IAC to fill up the market gap by producing commodity products such as Salt, Flour and Spices.

Now the customers of Bangladesh are ensured with 100% pure Salt, Spices products and Wheat products under the brand name of "IAC Pure". IAC also represents the world renowned product range of Colgate, Naive, Title, and Godard & Dabber in Bangladesh through distribution and forming Joint ventures (Business Unit - IAC web). As a successful business, The IAC Consumer Brands is focused on achieving the consistent growth required to continue the success and to make IAC an even stronger company. The Consumer Brands believe this is the best way to benefit the consumers, people and the shareholders of IAC.

IAC consumer Brand Ltd product IAC Consumer Brand Ltd is offering different types of product in market, these are Home Care Products IAC Limited is proud of the products that consist this part of the Consumer Brands division. These products are: IAC Aerosol and IAC Mosquito Coil. IAC Aerosol is produced through a unique process of production and quality checking. IAC Consumer Electronics bring the Panasonic Audio Visual products and Home Appliances to to Bangladesh consumers. The association was formally announced on the 16th of April 2008 through the launching ceremony in Bangladesh China Friendship Conference Center.

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Under this arrangement with Panasonic regional office in Singapore, IAC Consumer Electronics, a newly formed division in IAC Consumer Brands SIBS will market the Panasonic VA line along with its Home Appliance products in Bangladesh. Panasonic has a rich range of VA products comprising of High Definition LCD and Plasma Television, Home Theatre system, DVD and Blue-ray DVD player, Digital Still Camera & Camcorder. The Panasonic Home Appliance line comprises of high end refrigerator and Alkaline Battery. The LCD and Plasma TV's are marketed under Panasonic VIEWER brand and Cameras are marketed under LIMIT brand.

IAC Foods Limited The necessity of pure food in the minds of Bangladesh consumers especially in the commodity food business has pushed IAC to fill up the market demand by producing food products such as spice, edible oil, snacks, confectionery etc. IAC is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of various branded food products and condiment. Now the customers of Bangladesh are ensured with 100% pure food products under the brand name of 'Pure'. Market Status: IAC Consumer Brand Limited is one of the leading Consumer Brand in Bangladesh, this company also has own supermarket which name is Soprano (IAC Logistics

Limited). IAC Consumer Brand Ltd is operating strong distribution channel over the country, IAC Logistic Ltd creates 59 outlets in 16 Districts where good infrastructure and good communication channel, for this reasons IAC Consumer Brand Ltd is providing their product available in the marketplace. I think that Consumer Brand is one of the strong market leaders. Core Competencies of IAC Consumer Brand Limited: All of these analyses find out six (6) core competencies of IAC limited which are listed below: 1. Diversified product range with some world recognized brands. 2.

Mechanistic organizational structures with strict control form the top management. With this structure, management is more able to concentrate on the strategic issues rather than silly routine works. 3. Strong revenue growth and revenue base. And also has very low possibility of making loss. 4. Distribution of various products is done under one umbrella which leads to more efficient use of distribution channel. 5. Lots of market leading products and lots other with potential future growth, both nationally and internationally. 6. Strong financial strength with a higher argil of safety which ensures continuous profit and sustainability.

Business-Level Strategy Business-level strategy is an integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions the firm use to gain a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific product markets Goods offered by IAC Consumer Brand Limited Household Insecticides Antiseptic & Personal Care: Personal Care Home Care Female Hygiene Commodity Foods Goods manufactured by IAC Consumer Brand Limited: Product development is the name given to a growth strategy where a business aims to introduce new products into existing markets.

As the IAC Limited has several products in this segment they should develop strategy to build up new competencies and requires the business to develop modified products which can appeal to existing markets. IAC consumer brand Ltd is manufacturing the product category; several options are available to the potential micro-marketer. Product mix, variety, design, styling, features, functionality, brand, packaging, and sizes all provide opportunities to customize the product offering to a local market. Many of the opportunities to customize the Product variable result from improvements non- marketing functional areas of IAC Logistic Ltd.

As manufacturing, distribution, and R organizations increase the flexibility and speed with which they can develop, introduce, and manufacture products, the costs and time required to introduce new products goes down. In a fashion driven business such as cosmetics, variety and "product freshness" arc important sales drivers, therefore as the capability to handle a wider range of products is developed, product proliferation should be expected. Micro-marketing provides a framework to target this ever deeding array of products to the right consumer.

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