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Annie (Lenore Critical) who Is an emotionally fragile ghost (Icemaker 35). All three of these supernatural monsters live In an apartment together In Bristol while trying to live normal lives (Icemaker 35). I think you should take out this whole sentence - However, their so-called normal lives conflict with their supernatural lives. The series shows Mitchell, George, and Annie trying to lead double lives by attempting to be a part of the human world as well as the supernatural world. Their human flaws however, become evident In their supernatural worlds.

The characters are faced tit many challenges while managing to be a part of both worlds, through which they realize that they are actually being given a second chance at life. In Being Human UK, Mitchell, George, and Annie are creatures that are "fusions of a person with counterintuitive properties" (Petersen 94). Their supernatural lives are burdened with the flaws from their previous lives. Mitchell, as a human, took advantage of his good looks and used people. When he becomes a vampire, the ultimate user, and has the desire to drink blood and kill people, he realizes he needs to change.

One of the first ways he tries to change is by refraining from drinking blood. He does not want to use people because only death will come from it. On the other hand, George, as a human, did not have any confidence and was socially awkward, especially around women. Becoming a werewolf allowed him to realize that he needs to stop being afraid of the outside world and develop enough confidence to be himself around others. Mitchell even states that George needs to be able to turn into a werewolf inside their house and accept who he is. Watch clip and cite quotation). Annie in her previous life had everything going for her. She went to university, met the love of her life Owen (Greg Chilled), and was happily engaged. She was determined to always get what she wanted. Now as a ghost, only Mitchell and George can see her and she is finding It difficult to accept that her fiance has moved on and she is no longer in control (Lowry 1). Through her ghostly existence, she starts to realize that she can be Independent and happy without Owens presence.

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All three of these characters "support each other In an effort to be as normal as possible" and are faced with conflicts because of their double lives (Lowry ). This BBC show allows viewers to witness the characters learning about second chances. Mitchell "double Identity and 'normal' aspects of his personally are what attract us to his character (Petersen 105). Throughout the series he Is faced with situations that require him to decide which world he wants to be a part of. One of his struggles, as a vampire, is when he has to decide whether he wants to convert people because of another woman he converted.

Here, Mitchell was perplexed by the choice of letting Laura die or saving her life by turning her into a vampire. George yells at Mitchell to do something because she is dying but Mitchell responds by saying "Not another one I can't" and allows Laura to die (Being Human 1. 1). Mitchell also does not want to seem suspicious, so he tries everything he can to be perceived as 'normal'. In the second episode in season one Mitchell invites their neighbors over for tea to "participate and Join humanity' (Being Human 1. 2).

In episode two season one, George's transformation is described in great detail and is compared to a human suffering a heart attack (show clip in class). Also, there have been several instances where George says he does not want anything to do with his supernatural life, showing that he is quite ashamed of it and would much rather be human. For example, he says, "l onto want to allow it into my life.... ' like to keep things separate, the house is the house and the thing that happens to me every month is something else. I transformed here last month and it doesn't belong here" (Being Human 1. 2).

The house that they all live in is where George feels most comfortable with himself because he uses it as a coping mechanism to deal with his supernatural nature and to pretend he is still a part of humanity. When it comes to Annie, her conflicts with the supernatural world and with humanity reside in the fact that she "does not know why she remains trapped in the unman realm" and as a ghost she Just wants people to be able to see her (Lowry 1). Throughout the show, these characters are always struggling with living their double lives because all they want to do is be a part of the normal human world and be Just like everybody else.

Nannies two worlds are colliding because she does not know why she is still haunting her ex fianceg's house and she constantly struggles with the fact that she is a ghost. She is miserable because she recently passed away due to falling down the stairs. The one thing that she wants more than anything is to be able to live her life again and be with her fiance. A few things that Annie does to pretend that she is still "alive" involve continuing doing her daily "human" routine. For example, she makes tea everyday to make her feel like she is still alive.

George comments and says, Mimi keep making tea, every surface is covered with mugs of tea no tea, it has all been made. And you can't even drink it. " Annie responds by saying "l like my routine, it makes me feel normal" (Being Human 1. 2). )(maybe show clip). Throughout many episodes Annie is always doing certain routines that she would have done when she was alive such as cleaning, catering to Mitchell and George's deeds, and making food for them. Another conflict that Annie faces involves trying to resolve why she is still a ghost and is still a part of the physical realm.

It isn't until episode three season one, when Annie meets Gilbert, (Alex Price) a ghost from the ass's, that she finally uncovers the reason behind her prolonged existence. Overall, Mitchell, George, and Nannies supernatural lives give them a second chance to figure out something about themselves that they never resolved while they were still living as humans. Their supernatural lives are a "source of identification in which new grounds for selectors can be found" (Petersen 98). Mitchell realizes that he wants to become a better person and stops relying on his good looks to get him places.

One of the victims that made him realize his personality faults was his co- worker named Lauren (giftedness). Mitchell mistakenly converted her to a life as a vampire. After watching her being so desperate to feed off people and watching her kill others, it made him realize he did not want his vampire existence to be like hers. Therefore, he learns by watching Lauren, that there is more to life then Just looks, and that people deserve to be treated with respect. George learns that it is possible to have confidence in himself because of a werewolf named Tail(faded).

When George found out that Tail was the one who turned him into a werewolf, he learned that he did not want to associate himself with other werewolves because they could not be trusted. By standing up to Tall, it gave George the courage he needed. This conflict with Tail allowed him to become a stronger person, and gave him the confidence to talk to women. Annie realizes with the help of Gilbert, that she is still around because there is something unresolved in her past life. When her memories start to mom back, she figures out she died because of her fiancé's anger. (show clip in class).

Her flange Owen treated her like property and is physically abusive. Unfortunately her fragility tells her that it is all her fault and that she had it coming. Nannies self realization shows that she was insecure and incapable of standing on her own two feet while she was with Owen. However, as a ghost she realizes that she can become independent and does not need Owen. Unfortunately, this realization does not allow her to move on to the next realm. Therefore she continues to exist with lessons still to learn. All three characters were given a second chance at life to redeem themselves so that they could become stronger and better beings.

When it comes to Mitchell, George, and Annie as well as other supernatural beings, "the recirculation of recognizable constructions of them implies that we should consider them as culturally successful and possibly impacting on our thoughts" (Petersen 105). All of us can relate to Mitchell, George, and Annie because we have experienced some sort of arrogance, awkwardness, and self doubt. Matt Insist argued that science fiction and fantasy films "attack reason, sell reenactment's fantasies, and undermine appreciation for science and supernatural horror transcends simple-minded repudiations of science(Collocation).

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