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Strictly Ballroom Essay Example

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The film Strictly Ballroom directed by Baz Luhrmann (1992) teaches adolescence that you don’t get everything you want and that you have to earn it to get it. This is seen in the film’s protagonists Scott and Fran who are an unlikely ballroom dancing partnership as Scott desperately wants to dance his own moves to win the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix. However, he is too self-centred so Fran teaches him what it means to dance with a partner. Both Scott and Fran learn how to go out of their comfort zones.

The first lesson I’ll be talking about is you don’t get everything you want. This lesson is important for Scott to learn because he thought he could win the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix dancing any steps and he was desperate to win. An example of this is when Scott and Liz got cornered by Ken and Pam and then Scott pulled free and started dancing “his own steps”. This is showing that Scott thought that he and Liz would still the competition. An example of Scott learning his lesson is when they were at Frans house and Scott and Fran were showing her family their dance and Fran’s Dad and his friends started laughing at them. This shows that Scott was confident even though the dance was awful and badly done. The last example is when Scott and Fran dance at the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix and are disqualified but they keep on dancing. This shows that Fran and Scott didn’t care about what the judges thought or if they were disqualified, they wouldn’t stop dancing just because they were disqualified. I think this lesson is important for children because some children grow up having or wanting to have everything they want and this makes children selfish and rude so this lesson will teach them that you don’t get everything you want and you have to put up with that. This is a lesson with strong importance and meaning for children and will help them through life

The second lesson I will be talking to you about is you have to earn it to get it. This lesson is also important for Scott to learn due to him thinking that he can win the Pan-Pacific without trying, An example of this is when Fran walks into the room and Scott is dancing furiously by himself. This shows that he wanted to win and that he was angry at his parents that they didn’t support him. Another example is of Scott learning his lesson is when Fran and Scott appear dancing in front of the big, bright, red Coca-Cola sign. The technique they used in this scene was a long-shot. This shows that they are trying their hardest to win and do this. One last example is of Scott after he learned his lesson when he dances the Paso Doble in front of Fran’s parents. Fran’s dad teaches Scott and Fran to dance in time together and with the rhythm of the music. In the last shot, there is a train, driving past them, with them all dancing and singing. This shows that they are a bit poor, but that they are happy with what they have. This shows that he wants Fran’s mum and dad to know that they are ready for the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix. I think that this lesson is important for children because they all expect everything without having to do anything to have it, they think that in life people will give you things for granted but that is not how it works in life so I think that Strictly Ballroom will teach a lot of children the importance of this lesson.

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Overall, The movie may be old fashioned but I think that Strictly Ballroom it a fantastic movie that definitely connects with bildungsroman and it teaches children really good lessons in life. The actors, costumes and sets are stunning as well as the storyline. The camera and film techniques are superbly done, the actors and the characters are well chosen and created. There are high and low points in this movie. There are high and low points in this movie. I loved the movie, Well-done.

Strictly Ballroom Essay Example essay

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