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Does not accommodate for severely handicapped. Does not provide a first class for passengers. SW does not offer any type of in-flight meals. Southwest's president and CEO Herb Keller leadership believed in the principles of employees. He 's management gives important to treat employees right,that will motivate them to treat outside customers right which he believe a very powerful competitive weapon. Recruiting,hiring and screening provide employees with great Southerlies Soot Analysis By Ungainliness employees.

The open door policy ,actively listening to employee concerns ,opinions ND suggestion creates a satisfactory Southwest employees. Customer Service is another factor of strength to drive customer loyalty by placing faith in the customer- enterprise relationship. Southwest Airlines believes that it can and has modeled a successful company based on this strategy. When an individual is hired for the Job, they are immediately immersed in the service culture of the company. The company understands that to keep the customer service spirit alive within its walls, it was necessary to have someone at the highest levels to oversee the entire initiative.

To rive this mentality, Southwest customers are treated as friends and family. The company believes that if you take this approach, you will do things for customers that you would usually only do for friends and family. Customers receive birthday cards, customer service reps develop first-name relationships and customers are invited to company events. Not only were Southwest employees trained to give excellent customer service, they were also empowered to do so. When people with the right attitude are hired and trained according to the company's customer service standards, they can be confident that the employee will make the right decisions.

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An inability to address an emotional situation on the spot and to the satisfaction of the customer is key to driving long-term satisfaction and customer loyalty.. Besides,Southwest could sustain and maintained scheduled services at low fares as because of their strong suit providing point to point routes efficiently which no hubs one way. There was no need to wait for passengers from several different incoming flights to land ,upload,walk the gates for their connecting flights. This actually resulted in higher labor productivity and was one of several reasons why its labor ere lower than those of rival airlines. . Low prices and relaxed atmosphere made it an icon. Southwest low cost/low price Inn frills strategy that features offering passengers a single class of service at the lowest possible fares and making air travel affordable to wide segment of the US population. Alliances ticket sales and the volume of passenger traffic provide to revenue gained continuously One of the world's most profitable and highest posted profits . Southwest achieved larger market capital compared to others with $1 1. 3 billion and became leader in market capitalization.

As to overcome passenger traffic,Southwest added flights and became the largest US by the number of passengers carried yearly and 3rd in the world. Thus became mist profitable and highest posted profit for 34 consecutive years. Len 2006 70 percent of flight bookings and 73 percent of revenue came from bookings on Southwest's website. Southwest also became strong and financially fit as they are known to purchase fuel options to hedge cost years in advance to smooth market fluctuations. Southwest dominates the short haul segment of airline industry. The company aircraft consisted entirely of Boeing 737.

Able to maintain,train repair personnel & improved the proficiency [speed with which maintenance routines could be done. On the side we look at Southwest weakness provide no inside flight meals. Passengers were offered only with beverages like peanuts and raisins compared to rivals provide good food for the passengers with first class section. Southwest also do not compromise on seat book which is describe as no segmented seating. Lots purely dependent on a single producer whose is Boeing; faying only sass international flight of Southwest. They will not fly outside the continental United States, 63 cities and 32 states.

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