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Sonata For Harp And Bicycle

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The Mysterious Building My favorite short story was the "Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" written by Josh Alike. The story was taking place during Halloween In London and about this guy Jason that wants to know why everyone has to leave work by 5 o'clock every night. Only certain people know why. MISS Golden (Bernice), a friend of Jason, knows why but can't tell anyone. One night, Jason went inside the building using the fire escape to see what goes on in the building after dark. Jason went through doors and heard a bell that was ringing quietly and then was silenced. Then Jason heard this person whispering "Daisy, Daisy" (Ms.

Bell). Jason said that he wasn't Daisy and the voice said he was on private property and he shouldn't be here. This person was pushing Jason to the fire escape. Jason ran down the fire escape as fast as he could. The next day Miss Golden saw Season's hair and it was a stippled silver color. Miss Golden asked Jason if he went into the building last night after everyone left. Jason said "Tell me the true story. " This guy William Heron, the wailing watchmen, had a crush on Ms. Bell. Ms. Bell would each people the harp, and at eleven dock each night they have a picnic supper.

One night, the watchman was going to propose to her but she never showed up. Ms. Bell was using a graham bell to wake herself up at ten to meet him and that night the bell failed and she missed meeting William. So MISS Golden and Jason thought they can get the watchmen and Ms. Bell back together because if you see the watchmen you have five days to live. One night they went into the building to get them back together. They woke up Ms. Bell to go meet the watchmen. The watchmen and Ms. Bell got together at last. Miss Golden and Jason Jumped out of the fire escape together. Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" is my favorite short story because of suspense, the setting and symbolism of Ms. Bell and the watchmen. Suspense is one of the literary elements that helped makes this story a little scary. It was suspenseful when everyone had to leave the building by 5 clock pm. I wondered what Jason Is going to find in the building when he went in there after hours. Is Jason going to live for five days after he left the building? A suspenseful moment Is when "Jason opened a door at random; then another, offices lay everywhere about him, empty and forbidding" (50).

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Jason thinks he shouldn't be in there. Everything seemed like people just left but he could still feel a presence of someone there. The setting is another part that is my favorite literary element that helped make this story come to life. The setting was in London during Halloween at night. Jason and Miss Golden went down the fire escape ten minutes before midnight. Then Jason said "We don't want our evening to be spoiled by the thought of a curse hanging over us" (56). Jason wants to make sure the curse will not come true.

Jason and Miss golden Jumped out of the building so they don't have to deal with the curse If It ever comes true. Lastly, symbolism Is one of the literary elements that helped make this story unique. The flowers mean love. The harp means Ms. Bell Is around playing/teaching her harp. The bicycle means the watchmen is around somewhere. The watchmen supper every night at eleven" (52). They had a very strong relationship. Whoever you are, you are always unique. Suspense, setting and symbolism of Ms. Bell and the watchmen made "Sonata for Harp and Bicycle my favorite short story.

This story was kind of scary but also a love story. Suspense, setting and symbolism all fit in this story because they all have their important parts. I think Miss Golden and Jason should have lived instead of going down the fire escape. I liked how the watchmen and Ms. Bell had different talents. I also think that the book should have went on and said what the watchmen and Ms. Bell did after the watchmen propose to her. This is my favorite short story because I think it had a lot of different parts when suspense came in so you want to keep on reading.

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