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Small Team Group Paper

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Paper I recently worked in a small group for my employer. The team included five of us. We had signed up to volunteer to serve at a benefit luncheon for M. S. Our previous general manager had been diagnosed with M. S. And stepped down from her position in order to take care of her health. The luncheon was very important to all of us. We were all of different personalities from five different walks of life. We were all girls. Each group always had that one out spoken person, one who was the caboose, and he other three of us where somewhere in the middle of the two personalities that stood out.

One of the major problems we had with this group was that the one girl just loved to gab. I think if she could make a living for talking, she'd be a millionaire. Therefore, she would walk around, which we were encouraged to do, and talk to all those who attended. But she took advantage of the freedom to do so. At the luncheon we had sold well over 500 tickets, that didn't include the people who walked in and bought a ticket at the door. So with being down one person we began to slip behind.

We were running out food because our line of communication to the kitchen to refill was cut off, we had tables that needed clean, guest that needed assistance. Because this girl would run off and disappear we had to pull one girl from one station to pick of the slack, so we were constantly always moving around. Once we were able to find a rhythm and the girl came back we set some ground rules. She was not happy being told what to do since it was volunteer work, but we were there for one reason and it as to help raise money for a good cause.

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We didn't nominate a leader of the group. We figured we were all grown adults there to do grown adult work. We believed we didn't need a leader. We were able to all speak our minds to one another and agree on rules that needed to be enforced so we were successful. We also were representing the company we were working for at the time and did not want to set a bad example or lose our Job over something so silly. Making sure that our time was successful was our number one priority .

Us girls all got along so well and liked each there that we wanted the five of us to continue to be able to work together in a team and represent our company at future events such as the one we were working at. Another goal we had was to make the over all luncheon a success. We wanted to help raise as much money for M. S. As possible so next year more people would want to come out and help support the cause. The communication among our group was great. We all had communicated on a daily basis at work. We would text each other on the weekends.

None of us were real close until we started working in the groups gather. We were all honest with each other. I think that because we had an open line of communication and were honest with one another that that's what strengthen our relationship between the five of us. Ever since I worked in a group with these five girls, it makes me want to work more and more in groups. Sometimes with the same five girls I started with, and sometimes with new people. I enjoyed getting to know these young ladies, and because of it I have build a lifetime friendship. We did go on working more charity events for the community.

Our goals for each and every event were always the same. Be positive, we are the face of our company so we had to be the role model, be successful as a whole, engage with the people, make them want to come back to other events we would be doing in the future. We all took to one another so when we had an opinion about something we were all open for discussion. We never took each others criticism to heart, we often would laugh about it and fix the issue that was at hand. Over all we enjoyed each other's company because it passed the time and made working with a group enjoyable.

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