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Role of Human Resource

We are currently working in Human Resource department of NP enterprise. Marcus is the Human resource (HR) director. The director’s role is to promote and implement human resource values by planning and managing human resource programs and directing staff.

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He is responsible for making decisions for the HR department on a strategic level, implementing these strategies, manage operations as the strategy is in action, further improve on the strategy and yield the results.

Other responsibilities include supporting and guiding his subordinates, complying with the law, enhancing reputation of the company and department and updating the department with new knowledge wherever possible. I am the manager of the department. In general, a human resource manager has the expertise of HR generalist combined with general business and management skill.

One of the most important things a human resources manager does is set policies for hiring and recruitment. I am usually responsible for writing up job postings and advertisements when there are slots to be filled, and may also be responsible for creating new positions when needed. Also, my job is to dictate the company’s interview process, and make decisions with respect to how many candidates are offered interviews and the sort of questions that should be asked.

Most of the actual interviewing is left up to others, however, the manager typically meets with the final candidates, and usually has the decisive vote when it comes to hiring decisions — but the work of actually narrowing down the pool is typically the responsibility of lower-ranking HR officers. As NP enterprise is a large organisation, the manager needs to report all the department’s activities to Human resource director. Human resource is an important department in every company/ organisation as we are in charge of managing the organisation’s workforce.

The central focus for HR management must be on contributing to organizational success. Key to enhancing organizational performance is ensuring that human resources activities support organizational efforts focusing on improving productivity, service, and quality. To accomplish these goals, HR management is composed of several groups of interlinked activities. Some of the activities are: HR Planning and Analysis Through HR planning, managers attempt to anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and demand for employees.

The importance of human resources in organizational competitiveness must be addressed as well. As part of maintaining organizational competitiveness, HR analysis and assessment of HR effectiveness must occur. Staffing The aim of staffing is to provide an adequate supply of qualified individuals to fill the jobs in an organization. By studying what workers do, job analysis is the foundation for the staffing function. From this, job descriptions and job specifications can be prepared to recruit applicants for job openings.

The selection process is concerned with choosing the most qualified individuals to fill jobs in the organization. HR Development Beginning with the orientation of new employees, HR training and development also includes job-skill training. As jobs evolve and change, ongoing retraining is necessary to accommodate technological changes. Encouraging development of all employees, including supervisors and managers, is necessary to prepare organizations for future challenges. Career planning identifies paths and activities for individual employees as they develop within the organization.

Assessing how employees perform their jobs is the focus of performance management. Compensation and Benefits Compensation rewards people for performing organizational work through pay. This is to encourage the worker to contribute more for the organisation and also, it helps to strengthen the bond between our organisation and employees. Health, Safety, and Security Through a broader focus on health, HR management can assist employees with substance abuse and other problems through employee assistance programs in order to retain otherwise satisfactory employees.

Workplace security has grown in importance, in response to the increasing number of acts of workplace violence. HR management must ensure that managers and employees can work in a safe environment. Management Relations The relationship between managers and their employees must be handled effectively. Employee rights must be addressed. It is important to develop, communicate, and update HR policies and rules so that managers and employees know what is expected.

Information owned by the HR department include employee’s personal information and qualification, Also, managing paychecks to employees, managing the company’s taxes, employee’s employment details and contracts, healthcare benefits for employees. All the information will be shared with other departments in the organisation when needed. There is an interaction between HR departments and other departments in the organisation. Interactions include managing the supply of employees for other departments such as assigning the right workers to the right jobs, firing inefficient workers and handing paychecks to the employees of other departments.