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Role And Responsibilities Of Teacher

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Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of teaching/training cycle. What is the teaching/training cycle? How is it relevant to what teachers do? What are teachers’ responsibilities to their learners? I. e. keeping up to date in subject area, awareness of codes of conduct, preparing sessions, keep records etc. An awareness of how not doing this might affect your learners What is a teacher role? What are teachers’ contractual obligations? Understanding of IFL’s code of practice What are boundaries of what teachers can do and can’t do? I. e. ersonal boundaries with leaners, management demands, professionalism, deadlines etc.? The teaching/training cycle is a process, which identifies needs, planning, delivery, assessments and evaluation in each the responsibilities, role, and boundaries; all have an element of the training cycle, each works hand in hand, I am going to give a definition of each, and how each has an element of the training cycle. The responsibilities of a teacher to be a member of the institute of learning (ifl), have had carried out a CRB check, an understanding of organisational policies and procedures.

Understanding issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. It’s a teacher duty to be a source of information regarding accessing grants and funding opportunities, and in full support and promotion of the programme they are teaching. Always making sure that the student/learner is on the right learning path, to be able to advise and give guidance, and referring to other organisations or agencies if the need arises. Or talk, to other professionals, on the behalf of their leaners. Keeping accurate records of everything that is agreed between them and the student.

And being able to maintain confidentiality at all times. The role of a teacher is to always think of their learners as ‘all different but all equal’. (Kenny Fredrick’s George Green Annual Report 1997) To create a simulating environment for the leaner, offering an advancement of progress. To assess leaners either by oral or written testing, one to one or within a group learning, this also enables the teacher to plan the lessons, and preparing any teaching materials, and any differentiation that needs to be added to any scheme of work, to the level of their learners.

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The teacher has a duty of care to their learners and have the responsibility to follow the organisations polices and ethics, and to introduce to their learner to this information, a teacher should be in full support of the organisation, by attending meetings, complying to all administrative tasks such as schemes of marking, attendance records and maintaining records of learners progress, (of interviews, tutorials, assessments, exams etc. ) To act appropriately at all times. A teacher is to always evaluate themselves and their delivery of the subject. You will have professional boundaries within which to work and it’s important not to overstep these. ’ (Gravells, 2010: 11) As a teacher there are boundaries of course, because of working with people, people begin to think as you a friend and not just a teacher, boundaries should not be crossed, always make sure the student knows where he stands with you, ground rules are a must, always giving clear objectives and achievable aims. A teacher is to act professionally at all times, and maintain absolute confidentiality at all times. References Kenny Fredrick’s - George Green’s - Annual Report 1997 Gravells, 2010: 11

Role And Responsibilities Of Teacher essay

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