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Reasoning Aptitude

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Reasoning Aptitude Eric Gibbs BCom275 Sunday, March 31, 2013 Lisa Sanchez Reasoning Aptitude The reasoning career activity was a big help, I already knew that I was struggling in presentation and when I did this activity in my results it gave me a good amount of tips to help develop better presentation skills. I learned a lot from the tips they gave me I learned that before presenting my message, think of how I can communicate my genuine concern to the audience, and show them something in your presentation that clearly demonstrates my commitment to the message.

I have to use appropriate body language to reinforce my spoken words, and ensure that the audience understands the importance of the message. Another good tip was to practice and rehearse important presentations in front of a mirror. If possible, I should gain access to a video or at least an audio tape recorder, and record my presentation. Play it back and make a note of areas that didn't come across so well and try again. This tip is the most helpful of all the tips I have received. Learning from my tips, persuasive communication can help me be a better speaker in the career that I choose.

The ability to persuade is crucial in the business world. On a day-to-day basis, I need it to convince employees to work toward company goals or to persuade colleagues or clients to consider your ideas and suggestions. If I can master the art of persuasion, I can not only win the support of others, but I also will be able to unify my team and encourage them to work together. Career Interests Profiler Based on what you told us, you are... Download PDF Enterprising Enterprising occupations frequently involve starting up and carrying out projects.

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Reasoning Aptitude

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These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business. Social Social occupations frequently involve working with, communicating with, and teaching people. These occupations often involve helping or providing service to others. Conventional Conventional occupations frequently involve following set procedures and routines. These occupations can include working with data and details more than with ideas. Usually there is a clear line of authority to follow. Competencies • Strengths | | |Coping with Pressure |[pic] | |Following Instructions |[pic] | |Delivering Results |[pic] | |Adapting to Change |[pic] | |Organizing |[pic] | |Cooperating |[pic] |

Work Culture Results Well resourced • safe place to work • comfortable, well-designed work place • all the necessary resources to do high standard work Ethical • emphasis on fairness • active promotion of equal rights and justice for all • the chance to contribute positively to society and make a difference to people's lives • emphasis on social and environmental responsibility Supportive • secure, stable environment • clearly defined jobs, goals and expectations • no conflicting demands • considerate management • focus on employee welfare • lots of personal development and feedback • lots of recognition and celebration of success • fun place to work

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