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Quinceaneras Are Not So Bad

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Are Not So Bad Girls always want a big party for that special age, Like when you are fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-one. If you're Mexican, then you have a acquaintance which is when you are fifteen. My whole family is all about that tradition. They like to throw acquaintance parties to any girl that we have in our family. It has been an ongoing culture for years now but, I almost broke that tradition. I don't like acquaintances even if it is all fancy and pretty. I would rather go out for a very nice dinner on my fifteenth airhead.

My mom had big plans for me and, for my acquaintance. Ever since I was thirteen she would plan all these things for the acquaintance; even If It was two years away. She would always ask me what Is my favorite color, what kind of design do I want, and what cake flavor do I like. I would always answer questions but, with sadness because, I really TLD want a acquaintance. I wanted something simple that I really liked Instead. I didn't want to tell my mom that I didn't want a acquaintance because, I was afraid to hurt her feelings, and the culture she has had went throughout her whole family.

In acquaintances you have to dance for your guests with your chameleons, and dams. Chameleons and dams are partners that dance with you in the surprise dance. Dancing is the one thing I hate the most in acquaintances. I am very bad at it, and it makes me nervous and shy to dance In front of a lot of people. I ask my mom If I can skip that at least, but she always tells me that dancing is the most Important part of quince, and It keeps the guests motivated and Interested in the party. She Likes to have her parties big with halls decorated In big decorations, and that's also something I hate because I Like impel things.

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I never understood why having a acquaintance was so important to my family. I asked my mom why was it so important, and she said, "Everyone in your family has had one, including me, and I don't want to stop now. " I really don't want to hurt my mom, or even brake this tradition, so I am deciding to have a acquaintance. I am planning to have it simple, and nice. My mom was a little disappointed because, she already had big plans for the decorations, and the hall, but she said it was okay that I kept it simple, because it is my birthday.

I understood that having a acquaintance meant a lot to her, so I wanted to help her feel happy. After I had my acquaintance party, I realized why everyone wanted to have one. The party was really amazing and fun. The hall that I had was really big, and beautiful. Also, the decorations at the party were really pretty and made the hall stand out more. I do regret having a bigger party with more family, and the way mom had planned, but I did enjoy it. I got closer to all of my family members we invited, and brake ever, and the family will all now us by our acquaintance culture.

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