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Pursuit of Happiness Movie Review

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The Pursuit Of Happyness In today’s society, people spend their whole life searching for happiness. Millions of people today in America still have belief in the “American Dream” myth. The “American Dream” gives a person the right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Happiness can only be found once a person achieves the American Dream through hard work, determination, and persistence. The movie ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ asserts the American Dream myth through the life of Chris Gardener that every man can achieve what one wants in life if he or she is ready to struggle for it.

Chris Gardener is a salesman who is unable to meet his ends, but still dreams of being financially free and happy one day. The first scene in the movie creates the characteristics that are required for a man to be able to conquer the American Dream. One of the characteristics being: Hard work. The first sequence in the movie takes place in San Francisco where large numbers of people are walking to their jobs with happy faces with happy background music. Chris is shown as a person who looks up to them and relinquishes the happiness in their faces.

Chris sells Bone Density scanners to make a living, a medical instrument that does not sell easily. He is portrayed as a hardworking, unfortunate, browbeaten human who dreams of being able achieve the American Dream. He also has problems with the police and IRS for parking tickets and tax respectively. To be able to meet ends, he works hard and goes to multiple hospitals to sell the scanners and earn money. As we all know, everyone needs these qualities to be able to achieve something in life.

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Thus this portrays the idea that if you are like Chris you also will be able to achieve the American Dream. This is an example of logos since it uses the idea that no result will come without hard work to depict an image that ones who do not struggle with not get anywhere in life and ones who will. The only way people are able to achieve anything in today’s world is by hard word, this is mainly due to enormous competition. May it be a student or an executive, everyone these days are expected to work to their fullest to be able attain their dreams in life.

Another characteristic that is portrayed in the movie is that of attitude, various attitudes towards dealing with things in life will always give you a different result at the end. An example of this is witnessed in the next scene of the movie that consists of a conversation between Chris and his wife Linda about how they are going to manage their financial problems. This scene portrays the attitude by which one must approach a goal with. Chris tells her that he is planning of joining an internship program as a stockbroker at Dean Witter, such that he would be able to take care of the family.

Linda on the other hand scorns him and makes a sarcastic comment such as, “Stockbroker why not an astronaut”. Chris has a positive attitude to how he is going to manage their ends, whereas Linda on the other hand has a very negative approach to matters in life and has given up all hopes they will be able to fix their problems. The background has no music to provide an element of anticipation for the viewers. The use of pathos is noticed since it displays contrasting attitudes of a Dreamer and a Failure in life.

The result for being positive is witnessed at the end when Chris is able to get the job and lead a happy life whereas, Linda on the other hand leaves to New York and never seen again. Since Chris is portrayed as the Dreamer it shows the audience that one must always look at things with a positive attitude to achieve the American Dream. People always agree that once you lose your willingness to reach something in life you will never be able to get it. Being able to face problems with a positive attitude is required to able to think clearly and correctly.

Thinking clearly provides the Dreamer with clear thoughts and motivation that he is needed to be able to achieve his or her goal. Persistence has become a key element in people’s lives these days due to the large competition for each job opening. Even if one fails the first time, they must try again and again till one is successful in life. This can be seen later in the movie; Chris turns in his application personally to the head of recourses Mr. Jay Twistle. Once he had submitted his application he was persistent in trying to impress Mr. Jay such that he would be guaranteed a spot for the internship.

To make sure he impresses Mr. Jay he shares a ride with him and tries to solve the Rubik’s cube which is thought to be impossible to solve. Due to his success in solving the cube Mr. Jay is impressed with his talents and is called in for an interview. Throughout this sequence Chris is once again displayed a person who will never give up. Just the night before his interview he was arrested but still does not give up. He does everything he can such that he can make the interview on time. This scene shows that every positive action towards a goal is stepping stone towards the achieving the American Dream.

Since this is the start of his change in life the background music creates a joyful but surprise theme hinting that this man is going to succeed in life if he keeps up with these qualities. This provides an element of ethos since it explains the qualities needed for successfully achieving the American Dream through the life of Chris. In today’s world if one gives up pursuing what they want in their life it will never come, dreams are things that never come and fall in your hands; it constantly needs thoughtful advances made by the Dreamer.

As seen in the movie Chris never gives up till he gets the job therefore portraying the amount of pursuing one must do to achieve something in life. It provides evidence that if one person is able to achieve the American Dream through persistence, then everyone who tries to achieve the American Dream will also be able to fulfill their dreams. Determination is one of the key elements behind any successful American Dream dreamer. Even though by this time he has lost wife and house he does not give up. To be able to survive during his internship he would work twice as hard as he used to.

He would try to finish an 8 hour job in 6 hours, and sell the remaining scanners he had during that time for money. When he thought that he could start living peacefully since he was able to sell enough scanners to make a living, the IRS takes all his money for not paying taxes. He lives in community homes with his son but never gives up hope in his dream. At the end of the internship, he is called in by Mr. Frakesh to congratulate on his new job. This shows the amount of determination one must be willing to put forward. To be able to achieve such a huge dream one cannot relax until their dream is fulfilled.

As seen from the movie every second is precious when one is dreaming, a perfect example is shown when Chris does a 8 hour job in 6 hours, this shows that one can never waste time when they are determined to accomplish something in life. With today’s growing competition for every job opening, people have to work harder and harder. Even a small hint of withdrawal from a hundred percent effort will lead one’s dream to vanish in no time. As seen in Chris’s life even though he had lost everything in his life he did not give up his efforts he put into his internship. This in turn allowed him to be successfully hired as a full time stockbroker.

As the saying goes “There is always hard work and sweat in every success”. In conclusion, hard-work, persistence, and determination are the key elements that will help and guide a man who would like to live the American Dream. Even in today’s world people still believe in that efforts would pay off someday or another as they wish. These people are the great dreams whom still feel that the American Dream still exists and has not vanished just like Chris dreamt. So if anyone one of you have a dream then you should never give up, all you need to do is keep trying.

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