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Proposal for IPS

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Current Issues and Challenges for Stakeholders We can identify the stakeholders as the primary users (management, staff and customers) of the Simple Gateway network which are affected by the deferent issues noted in the RFC. The issues and challenges are a. Document Versions Primarily affects office and management staff that receive data and make decisions based on incorrect information. The number of errors that happen due to multiple versions of documents and forms floating around the sites increase inconsistencies.

Business processes rely on consistency and having no set process for document concurrent version system (C.V.) or single point of file access affects the tasks employees perform. B. Storage Localization Collaboration In the current environment affects all stakeholders as well as business outcomes. A network using a non-centralized storage layout makes these tasks difficult. Non-centralized storage is expensive to setup, maintain, and manage. Issues related to ownership, management, and version control are also created due to this.

The information retrieval process is being an impediment to the efficiency of he staff and the work they perform. C. Human Resources Processes Staff benefits are being affected by manual request processing. Sick leaves, vacation time and other common HRS tasks are affecting employee's satisfaction with the employer and more than likely generating feelings that also affects performance and good doltishly to server customers. II - Performance Comparison KIP Current Environment Proposed Environment Document Versions and Data Sharing Multiple versions are passed between office staff.

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Incorrect information is used to make business decisions. Site files are stored on local filibuster. Sharing Is done via email. Enterprise storage will be centralized wealth Office ass's One Drive, helping in business decision making. Stakeholders will have access to the latest document version available. Administrative Tasks Management Sick leave or vacation requests are paper-based and slow. Forms and other workflow documents used by staff will be available within Office ass's Sharpening module, automating the submission and reducing response times. Servers Each office operates Its own file and email servers.

Centralization of data and as management overhead. Productivity Suite Latest edition of office will be used. Ill - Recommendations Latest edition of office is used. For the centralization of documents and forms at Simple Gateways, the proposed solution is Microsoft Office 365 for the Enterprise. Office 365 is a web-based, workup collaboration and office productivity suite that provides access to centralized storage across the locations using common web browser applications. It includes tools such as Sharpening, Exchange, and Noontide for Business for shared storage.

Office 365 is offered as a AAAS (Software as a Service). Office 365 delivers the same features of locally hosted services without the associated overhead of managing a server infrastructure. The management flexibility ensures that control and security are retained for compliance requirements and is enhanced by providing centralized storage. Some of the advantages of the solution are: a. Cross Device Accessibility: Office 365 has mobile APS that the access and interaction with the platform easy wherever the user connects from and across various devices b.

Management Easiness: The administration console allows for easy management of policies and security of the content and features within Office 365. Automated maintenance ensure an always up-to-date with the latest features with minimal downtime c. Enterprise grade reliability and standards: Features state-of- the-art user account control, premier disaster recovery capabilities, expert monitoring and support, geographically-distributed hosting decanters with continuous data backup and redundancy. To comply with the human resources needs presented in the RFC, a Human Capital

Management (HCI) solution is recommended. For this, Epicure's Spectrum HCI has been selected. Epicure's web-based HRS software provides a comprehensive solution for workforce and benefits management, offering employees direct access to view and control their own human resource information. The solution includes: Human resources management Performance management Talent management Benefits and absence tracking Payroll IV- Solution Justification same time, these solutions are provided through the familiar interface of a web- browser which reduces the learning curve.

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