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Organizational Change Slide 1 Organizational change is a process that is geared towards the pursuit of becoming better. These changes can be brought about by different factors. To fully grasp organizational change, it is a structural method that involves change in both process and concept. Change at the process level refers to the procedural shift in achieving the desired outcome, while change in content refers to the descriptions of the changes that an organization has actually undertook (Barnet & Carroll, 1995). Nine Reason’s for Organizational Change Slide 2

The need for change can be brought about by different reasons. Robert W. Swaim in his article suggested nine reasons organizations need to change. The first reasons is crisis, this can come in different form: political, social, financial, religious and the like. Second to the line is Performance Gap, this happens when the vision mission and goals of an organization is not met, then the need to do organizational change is vital. Third reason is New Technology, the advance of new technology which brings positive impact to the company can be a great reason for change.

Fourth reason is Identification to Opportunities, competition in the field can bring about the need to undergo organizational change. Fifth reason is Reaction to External and Internal Pressures, management and employees can impact internal change, while clientele, competition, change in government regulations, shareholders, financial market and the like are examples of external pressure. Sixth reason is Mergers and Acquisitions, when organizations are merged or an organization is acquired or reacquired, then the need to revamp the process and content is helpful for the company.

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Seventh reason is Change for the Sake of Change, administration turnover can cause organizational change. New administration would most likely want to prove something and so they change for the sake of change. Eight reason happens when new engineering fads bloom and the company think it sounds good and so they implement the change. The ninth reason is Planned Abandonment, this happens when an organization abandon products, market, resources, in exchange to new opportunities (Swaim, 2011).

Many nursing homes still uses paper charting and papers are prone from getting burn and risk of being read by any unauthorized individuals. Due to the fact that the process of electronic charting has started, other nursing home will have to re-evaluate their mission and vision in order to move toward change. Using computers at work allows nurses to do their job efficiently and safely. Many patients and their families are gearing towards the advancement of new technology to be able to deliver safe and effective health care.

Identification of opportunities brings competition to the market which allow patients to better options. The health care government and patients can also put pressure to healthcare organizations to improve their services. The desire for change can impact the lives of many patients which are always re-evaluated for its effectiveness. New administrators can facilitate this change at any time they want with stakeholders in mind. New opportunities arise causing better health services and new creating technology to change the way health care system work.

Statistic of EMR Use Slide 3 The table presents the data from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States. It reflects the trends in percentages of office-based physician with EMR/EHR systems from 2001-2012. In the 2012 survey, 10,302 physicians participated in the survey. It can be gleaned on the graph that a decline in the use of EMR/HER is observable since two years from 2011. This decline can be attributed to the lack of knowledge and training in the use of the system.

However, EMR/HER system has gone up higher starting the year 2004 to present. It can be observed from the graph that from 2011-2012 has the highest percentage compared to the rest of the year gaining roughly about 14. 8 percent from 57% t0 71. 8 % (Hsiao, 2012). Advantages of EMR Slide 4 As America’s hospitals venture farther into the electronics age, nurses are beginning to recognize the benefits the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) provides both to their patients and their profession (Orlovsky, 2005).

It provides fewer medicals errors by reminding the staff when the next medication is due, better patient plan of care, and improved patient safety such as falls and pressure sores (Furukawa et. al. , 2011). Electronic medical records can also improve quality care for patients due to accessibility of the whole interdisciplinary team for faster delivery of health care service (Furukawa et. al. , 2011). Paper records increases risk being burned and submerged into water.

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