My Role as a Teaching Assistant

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Describe How You Might Contribute To a Lesson Given To a Group Of Seven Year Old Children Learning To Play Percussion Instruments? As a Teaching Assistant supervising a group of seven year olds who are to learn to play musical instruments, I would first make sure these instruments are available, clean, safe and ready to be used for this lesson. Any music sheets related to playing must be prepared and available in the classroom in advance.

During the lesson I would supervise the children using the instruments and check they are using them correctly and are not messing about with them, and causing any damage to themselves, anyone else or the equipment. Pupils who have difficulties playing or holding the instruments must be supported. It is important to be a good role model by showing children how to hold and play with these instruments. I should make sure all the children follow my instructions, repeat my instructions and focus on me while I am demonstrating the instrument.

At the end of the lesson I would check that the instruments are still in good condition and encourage children to put equipment away tidy and safely. During the lesson I can monitor the class and then make an observations written report that can help track the activity, behaviour, difficulties, preferences, cognitive skills and progress of each child. 2. What might be your role in organizing, using and maintaining the learning resources, materials and equipment?

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My role as a Teaching Assistant in this lesson, regarding organization and material, is to ensure everything is ready for the lesson before starting it. All the material should be checked for safety, hygiene, cleanliness, good state and put in the right place as agreed by the teacher. It is important to maintain a complete and accurate inventory of resources. To be able to conduct these the teaching assistant should find out from the teacher what their role is and what responsibilities they have when it comes to the organisation of the learning environment.

I would encourage pupils to return materials to the correct place after they have been used. I may have to dispose of any waste and redundant resources safely and always looking for opportunities to recycle materials and equipment. I should prepare and set out learning resources in line with the preparation requirements given by the teacher. When the lesson is finished, I must ensure that each material is back to original place, and it’s not broken or damaged. Any marks should be reported to the teacher.

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