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Community Service Project (CSP 1001) University of Technology, Jamaica Name: Shanece Robinson ID#: 1200775 Year: 2012/13 School: University of Technology, School of Pharmacy Semester: Two (2) Name of Agency: University Hospital of the West Indies Lecturer’s name: Miss Stacy-Ann Nelson Tutorial day/time: Friday 9am-10am Reflection #4 The best part of my community service at the University Hospital of The West Indies was the time spent interacting and assisting the needy patients. Each minute spent at community with them gave me a sense of joy.

It was really great to know that I used my interpersonal skills to make these persons feel hopeful in their dull moments. Another best part of my service was organizing the documents, I felt quite active and vibrant about doing it. The worst part however, was being there and hearing the cries of pain of the patients. It was very heart aching to hear the patients moaning the pain they were undergoing, it felt even worst to know that I couldn’t help stop the pain they were feeling. Another devastating experience was the amount of hours that some of the nurses had to work, most of them started work from like 8. am and wasn’t off until like 8. m in the night or even later. I achieved my objectives to a moderate extent; I gained a sense of self growth, I assisted the nurses in whatever ways I could thus alleviating their work load. In doing that the nurses were able to offer their 100% service to the sick patients. With this done the patients were being released at earlier dates, thus providing space other sick patients to admit. Also I was able to improve my time management skills, this was achieved by having specific time by which I volunteer and get my school work done. Working by a formal schedule I am now able to manage my time more efficiently.

My communication skills improved as well, that was one of my main objectives. This was achieved through the amount of time that was spent interacting with the nurses and patients. I became more assertive and confident, and as such I’m compelled in a sense to do some more community service. I was able to enhance my problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams, and planning abilities. This I know will be of great benefit to me when I’m in the working world and as such I will surely be an asset to that organization. I was also able to enhance my civic engagement attitudes, skills and behaviors.

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The community, in which I worked, benefited in a number of ways; the nurses and doctors spent less time searching for files/documents, since they were arranged in an appropriate manner. The patients felt better about their well being, since I motivated, and wished them well throughout their sicknesses. The disabled persons felt a sense of caring ,since I supplied them with the necessary tings they were unable to get for themselves, such as water, bed pan, food, etc. The nurses were able to assist the patients more promptly, since I organized their tools so that they were easily accessed.

Also it influenced the opportunity of the hospital to expand their mission and reach without substantially increasing costs by engaging a cadre of competent, motivated young people who share their time and talents in support of the organization's mission. By working with youth and getting them committed to its mission, the hospital will be able to cultivate a new generation of volunteers for either their own organization or their broader cause. Service-learning at the hospital cultivated connections between the organization, schools, and other community groups.

The organization would benefit from having more csp projects, since other volunteers could assist in answering phone calls and feeding patients. This would ease the workload of the nurses; therefore they would have more time to attend to the patients. Also the patients would be supported emotionally since, volunteers would be there to encourage and make them feel better about themselves. Other volunteers could assist in sterilization of the hospital tools this would reduce the transmission of diseases from one patient to another.

This would further reduce the prevalence of diseases in the population. New energy, ideas, and enthusiasm as well as specialized skills that young people bring to the hospital would be increased. The more volunteers in the hospital settings the better it is for the community at large since youths are engaged in something constructive rather than on the streets promoting violence. CSP 1001 could be improved by having more in course work, so that students will take the course more seriously and will thus feel enthusiastic about community service.

Instead of having just a few community services classes, classes should be kept at least every other week, so that students will be able to share their experiences about the times spent weekly at the specific organization. Also at these classes students should be taught the benefits of community service, so that they will value the course more or rather be more appreciative. Csp coordinators should organize activities so as allow the students to volunteer within specific areas of the school so as to help enhancing the school property as well as services. Lecturer’s signature………………………

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