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Mgo Determination

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Standardization of EDTA Solution

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Trial 1 Trial 2
Final buret reading, EDTA (mL) 18. 5 36. 7
Initial buret reading, EDTA(mL) 0. 5 18. 5

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Mass of sample (g) 0. 2135 0. 2132 0. 2139
Final buret reading, EDTA (mL) 73. 5 74. 2 74. 2
Initial buret reading, EDTA(mL) 0. 5 0 0

Measurement of water blank Final buret reading, EDTA(mL) =14. 5

Initial buret reading, EDTA(mL)= 14. 2

Sample Calculation:

Molar mass of Na2EDTA*2H2O, g/mol 372. 25
Expected M of EDTA solution, mol/L (M) 0. 01
Concentration of Zn2+, (M) 0. 0125
  • 10mL*1L1000m
  • L = 0. 01L C1V1=C2V2 .0125M. 010L)=C2(018L)
  • C2 = 0125M*0100L
  • 0180L= 00694M
  • 00694M+ 0687M2 = 00691M
  • C2 = 00691
  • M 073=5. 04*10-4mol %
  • MgO=5. 04*10-4mol40. 05. 2135g*100=9. 51%


Standardization of EDTA Solution Trial 1 Trial 2
Volume used, EDTA(mL) 18. 0 18. 2
Molarity of EDTA solution, (M) 0. 00694 0. 00687

Average Molarity of EDTA solution, (M) = 0. 00691

Determination of % MgO of Unknown Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
Volume used, EDTA (mL) 73 74.2 74.2
Mole of Mg2+in sample 5. 04E-04 5. 12E-04 5. 12E-04
MgO in the sample, % 9. 52 9. 69 9. 66

Average % of MgO in the sample, % = 9. 62

Analysis:  The measurement of the sample in gram, have +/- , 0001g. The measurement using the buret has a +/-. 1mL error. These types of measurement errors are based on the sensitivity of the instrument, during the measurement. These errors could cause the result to deviate from the actual answer. During the experiment, using titration to find the end point. Because of the end point was unknown, a single drop could determine its end point.  There might be an extra drop that caused the data to vary as both parts of the experiment have determined. In the first trial of both the experiment, the number is different, because of the unsure number of drops. Using the result from the first trial, the result of the second trial was more accurate. As proven from the experiment of determination of percent of MgO of the unknown. The sample 2 and sample 3 testing results in a similarity that differ from the sample one. The sample used 73. 0 ml of the EDTA solution, while both samples 2 and 3 used 74. 2 ml of EDTA solution. This will cause a tip in the result toward a lower number used to find the endpoint. This error is not a major factor since it is only of my 1. 2 ml of the actual result. The percent of all three result of MgO is different under 1 percent different. Thus, a very reasonable result in all three of the experiment. Discussion: This experiment is to help us understand the reaction between an anion and the metal cation. It demonstrated the Lewis base understanding of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). The goal was achieved through the titration of the sample in multiple trials in order to find its endpoint.

The endpoint was found when the pink coloration, due to EBT was added, turn into a blue/ violet color. This signified its endpoint of the sample. The result is good quality, because of the deviation from the first trial and the last trial that was done on the same sample. The result is off by . 2ml in the standardization of EDTA solution. In the second part of the determination of % MgO of the unknown; the first, second, and third sample the percentage displaces is well under 1% difference. The result is worth 99% confident that the result is good quality, because of the consistency of the data.

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