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Marine Corps

I want to be a Marine Corps Officer to serve my country. It is in my blood That is my first priority and will always be my first priority. Yes, it is great that an NROTC scholarship would pay for my tuition and fees and so on.

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However, one cannot put a price on the pride and dignity of being an officer in the Marine Corps. No one in the world has greater talent, leadership, and determination to take the initiative, than a Marine Officer.

Through Varsity sports, DECA, and over sixty community service hours, I’ve learned how to lead a team, work with others to accomplish a mission, and that being a leader is hard work. However, there is no doubt that I am ready and willing to take on the challenge of being a leader. A leader of men who are the proudest and most feared warriors in this world, a leader of Marines. I live for challenges like these and I am mentally, physically, and morally capable of achieving this dream of mine.

This career I strive for is something I’ve wanted to do since the first day I spoke with a Marine Corps recruiter. Marines have something about them that seperate themselves from the other military branches. That “something” is what I am looking for and is what I need. I believe the Marine Corps can make me into something greater than myself, something that demands greatness. The only thing I am missing is the oppurtunity. Give me the oppurtunity to prove to you and our country that I am a leader and that I have what it takes to become one of the few who can lead Marines.