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Lyceum Officials

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Administrative Officials BOARD OF TRUSTEES Lorna Perez Laurel Chairman Roberto P. Laurel Sarah L. Lopez Rufino A. Tan Carlos P. Laurel Peter P. Laurel Eusebio A. Abaquin Josefin P. Laurel Antonio Jose U. Periquet, Jr. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS Roberto P. Laurel President Sarah L Lopez Vice President-Finance Conrado E. Inigo, Jr. , PhD Vice President for Academic Affairs Pompeyo B. Adamos Executive Director for Administration/Director, Human Resouces Jennifer D. Tucpi Registrar, Student Records Management Dept. Lizandro O.

Ferrer Dean, Student Affairs Ma. Christina G. Aquino Executive Officer for Planning and Development Victorina H. Zosa, PhD Executive Director, Research and Publications Center Marilyn L. Ngales, PhD Director, Community Outreach and Service Learning Corazon M. Nera Director, Academic Resource Center Director, Guidance and Testing Center Alma G. Facto, PhD Director, Center for Contemporary Professional Education and Development Alfredo P. Diamante Director, Center for Language Education and Proficiency Rosemarie Arhlene E.

Ampil Director, Publications Office Sandra G. Recto Director, Communication and Public Affairs Dept. Felipe R. Lorenzo VI Director, Information Technology Dept. Robert Frederick P. Hayden Jr. Artistic Director, Arts and Cultural Affairs Dept. Renato R. Ricafort Manager, Building and Grounds Dept. Robert Joseph G. Villa Comptroller Rizalina R. Benico Chief Accountant Alberto T. Lacsina ACADEMIC OFFICIALS Victor B. Endriga, PhD Dean, Graduate School Jose Ma. Gonzales Vice Dean, Graduate School Atty. Ma. Soledad D. Mawis Dean, College of Law

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Angela Ylagan Vice Dean, College of Law Rizalina A. Cruz Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Ma. Victoria M. Ac-Ac, PhD Dean Business Administration Samuel S. Chua Dean, College of Computer studies Leonardo C. Medina Jr. , PhD Dean, College of Engineering Ma. Christina G. Aquino OIC Dean, College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Roberto Z. Zozobrado Deputy OIC Dean, College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Amb. Reynaldo O. Arcilla Dean, College of International Relations Leonora N. Reyes Dean, College of Nursing

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