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Life should be taken care

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By looking at the above premises I reach to a solid conclusion; that no one should be allowed to ride in the truck of truck unless they have taken the necessary precautions, e. g. , having attained the proper age, or when the truck is but the only means of transport in a family and the speed at which the truck is traveling must be in agreement with the traffic rules.

Life should be taken care of, people must be willing to avoid accidents and injuries if they can be avoided, I truly look at riding at the back of a truck a mere way of inviting trouble. In cases where trucks (pickups) were involved in accidents and overturned the riders at the back were thrown out, this way permanent body injuries and/or death were inevitable. No-one should be allowed to ride in the back of a pick –up.

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Life should be taken care

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There are always risks associated to this type of traveling and in the USA; this is one of the leading cause of deaths in accidents on the road. There are various ways by which this can be made a little bit safe but all in all it should really be banned. Think of a person below the age of 18 riding at the back of a pick up and see the possibility of falling off. Riders especially Kids who traveled in the back of a pick up more than often suffer from monoxide poisoning.

It is so uncomfortable to ride in the back but teenagers find this as a way of having fun, rebelling, and teenagers will take advantage of this especially if the driver of the truck is not the owner and also when their parents are not near the scene. It is obvious that in case of an accident involving the pick up those at the back will get more injuries and even sometimes death may take place. If the pick-up rolls those at the back will be ejected out! It could then roll over them. The manufactures of these pick had the obvious reason for cargo transport not people.

Traffic laws state that those who ride at the back of a truck should be above the age of 18, that a certain speed should be observed if a truck has people riding in its back but sometimes these laws are violated and for this reason it should be banned completely that for whatsoever there should be no – one riding at the back, I know that sometimes this may not apply as there are times that this may be the only way of transport for certain people but it is banned they will get alternatives as it is better to have a transport problem than try to heal injuries and/or encounter death.

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