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Legalize Casino

Chatchawan Jarusvasunt 5204640154 What is the effect of disorder gambling? Gambling create no output, it just the transfer of money in society. Gambling consume time and existing resource in the economy also. Gambling did not provide any resource like other media and other entertainment activities but it have it own value too.

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Is it true that gambling with legal status is better for the society whether the cost of gambling overcome the benefit it creates? This question is very subjective. * Are there costs involved that exceed the obvious economic development benefits? Who actually gains and who loses? * If Las Vegas is a model of economic development through gaming, are there any other costs that need to be looked at? Las Vegas tends to have a wide variety of social ills associated with it. There is some controversy of the true level of these given the high tourist population. No studies have examined whether those are associated with gambling, the transient population, the growing population, or the low level of social services provided by the state. How widespread are the economic benefits? Some research as Professor Robert Goodman, in his study entitled, “Legalized Gambling as a Strategy for Economic Development”, describes the effect of gambling on local business. He indicates that a study in South Dakota a year after legalizing video gambling in the state did” Show significant declines for selected activities such as clothing stores, recreation services, business services, auto dealers and service stations. The tourists from abroad may spend more resource and time in the region, or local people that used to spend resource in other region change the behavior to gambling in the region. This case is the beneficial effect of gambling for region. The local people may increase spending on casino in substitution of other business, or tourists change from consuming others to gambling. This case gambling provide no additional benefit.

Casino may buy more products from out of state than the business they replace, or increase social cost, or locally owned business go bankrupt by out-of-state owned casino. This case made the region suffer. The effects of casino depend on the above criteria. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. William R. Eadington, “Economic Development and the Introduction of Casinos: Myths and Realities,” Economic Development Review, Forthcoming, p. 3.