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Lasik opened my eyes

LASIK is the abbreviated term for Laser Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis. This technology is a type of refractive laser eye surgery done by ophthalmologist. LASIK provides cure for astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia.

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The procedure in conducting LASIK alternates photorefractive keratectomy/PRK since it requires minimal time for the patients recovery and less pain.

In 1950, Jose Barraquer developed microkeratome. This was used to cut thin flaps in the cornea and changes its shape (keratomileusis). Barraquer also added in his findings how much of the cornea left unchanged to provide a stable result of the operation. In my personal view, this helped people with occurring malfunctions in their sight.

In 1970’s-80’s, Svyatoslav Fyodorov and Theo Seiler developed Radial Keratectomy and Photo Refractive Keratomileus, respectively. The developments in more technical and procedural part of treating differences in the sight helped to cure other malfunctions found in the eye. In 1968, the scientists at the Northrup Corporation Research and Technology Center developed the Excimer laser. This development in eye surgery was the pillar in the advancement to LASIK.

Through the developments and advances made by several scientists in the field of ophthalmology, LASIK was developed. In 1990, Buratto and Pallokaris introduced keratomileusis and photorefractive keratectomy. Combining the two techniques, ophthalogists find greater precision and less complication in eye surgery. In addition, limitations of excimer lasers were resolved through LASIK (LASIK surgery, 2007).

LASIK cure refractive errors, improve vision, and eliminate the used of eye glasses/contact lenses. Blurred vision is not actually a problem since the technology of LASIK is available. Although the operation cost huge amount of money, nothing would price good vision.

There are also risks in LASIK. Although the technology guarantees better results and effective eye resolution, complications sometimes come up. Equipment malfunctions, infections and wrong prescription would results to total lost of vision. This rarely happened when the patient apply for a non-licensed surgeon.

LASIK as of today are classified into different types of laser ablations including conventional LASIK wavefront-optimized treatments, and wavefront-guided treatments. Conventional LASIK follows an ablation pattern of eye surgery. The surgery is based upon the patient’s glasses prescription. In most patients, this type of operation is effective but surgical errors could cause visual aberrations (Randleman and Payne, 2007).

The advancement in modern science offers easier living for most of the people. LASIK provides fast, accurate and painless eye surgery for patients with refractive errors. Most probably in the future, the current procedure of eye surgery would continuously advance. Protocols may be different and will treat other errors in the eye. The laser technology used today may be used in other fields of science.

With the help of LASIK eye surgery, I was able to obtain clear vision. Before, I’m having difficulties reading from far distances and I need first to wear my glasses. My glasses were thick and I was ashamed in the public wearing it. Until today, I can now read without my glasses anymore.


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