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Killer of Sheep

The movie entitled “Killer of Sheep” by Charles Burnett in 1977 made a significant footprint in the movie world. Though it was a low-budgeted movie, it won the first prize at Berlin Festival in 1981. This movie is all about Stan and his family as they struggle their life with financial and emotional problems.

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Stand works in a slaughterhouse to make his family live. It is a simple yet attackable story because it shows reality in the society. Many of us work hard but less opportunities. The only thing that Stan felt happy is when he dances with his wife and hold his daughter’s hands.

There are only six characters and one significant setting in the story, which means that the movie is an independent film. All the characters are connected with one another as they reveal their characterizations in the beginning of the story and donate their thoughts and perception of society as the movie ends. I can say that it is an advocacy film though it has no solution in the end. As it shows the life of many people like Stan and his family, the director depicts that present situation of the society that needs to be taken care of. The movie shows that Stan is already numb with his life as a slaughter because he knows that he could not able to give his family a better life. His wife is also a weak person who used to depend on Stan as the provider of the family, which made the movie more dramatic and realistic.

As an audience, it is an eye-opener to the public of the situation and life of people during 1970s. It made me realize that people like Stan tried to be contented with their life as they anesthetized themselves from their situation to make their bodies work and think only for the betterment of their family even with no luxury and lesser necessities.

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