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Kidney Stone Formation Due to Patients’ Lifestyle

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EPI 602 INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH RESEARCH Research Proposal RESEARCH PROPOSAL | PART A STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, RELEVANCE & FIELD APPLICATION The kidney is an amazing organ. It makes urine and helps to control your blood pressure. It also keeps your bones strong and healthy, and controls manufacture of red blood cells. However, this organ is challenged with many diseases and complications. Thus, my Research Project is based on one of the most common problem: S KIDNEY STONE FORMATION A RESULT OF PATIENTS’ LIFE STYLE

There has been an increase in the number of kidney stone cases at Diagnostic & Specialist Medical Centre [DSM Centre, 2 Lodhia Street, Nadi Town] recently. Based on the records for the Year 2012, a tremendous increase in the number of new cases diagnosed with kidney stones was noted. Kidney Stones are increasingly becoming common health condition at DSM Centre Clinic. Therefore, this Research Project seeks to find out if kidney stone formation is just a medical complication or a result of patients’ lifestyle.

Over a million people worldwide are diagnosed with Kidney Stones every year . . . PAGE 1 RESEARCH PROPOSAL | PART A STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, RELEVANCE & FIELD APPLICATION WHERE IS THE PROBLEM OCCURING? Kidney Stone Disease is a worldwide phenomenon. For this project however, my research is based on patients attending DSM Centre, Nadi. WHO IS AFFECTED BY THE PROBLEM? Generally both genders and all age groups are affected. My sampling will be constrained on patients attending DSM Centre, aged 30 - 50 years.

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Upon completion, this research project will reveal, whether lifestyle of patients [aged 30 - 50 years visiting DSM Centre] contributes to kidney stone formation. WHAT SOLUTIONS HAVE BEEN CARRIED OUT TO ERADICATE THE PROBLEM? WERE THEY SUCCESSFUL? Patient education and awareness programs in health centres and hospitals are implemented to inform the public about the condition and its consequences. However, with the increasing number of cases, indicates that these methods have not been as successful as intended.

Through this research, numeric data will be obtained and analyzed to validate the above statement. RELEVANCE OF THE PROBLEM TO NATIONAL OR LOCAL ACTIVITIES: This research is relevant to the Programs administered by the Kidney Foundation of Fiji, who continue to raise public awareness aganist kidney diseases. The revelations from this project will substantiate their worthy cause. Never before Kidney Research has been so important! PAGE 2 RESEARCH PROPOSAL | PART A STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, RELEVANCE & FIELD APPLICATION FIELD APPLICATION OF THE PROPOSED RESULTS

The research result can be used in further awareness programs with evidences and recent figures relating to kidney stone formations and their causes. VARIOUS METHODS OF AWARENESS PROGRAMS CAN BE USED SUCH AS; KIDNEY FOUNDATION OF FIJI JOURNAL CLUB MEETINGS Results from this research can be sent to Kidney Foundation of Fiji in support of their awareness programs. DSM CENTRE WEBSITE Presentation of this research paper in Journal Club meetings will encourage medical professionals within the vicinity to join in the awareness program.

MEDICAL CONFERENCES The entire research document can be uploaded on DSM Website for online readers. DSM NEWSLETTER Presentation of this research paper in Medical Conferences will encourage medical team nationally to participate in the awareness program. JOURNALS Publishing this research paper in form of an article in the DSM Newsletter “Your Doctor” will serve as introductory information to patients. POSTERS & BROCHURES Publishing this research paper in form of an article will provide first hand information to readers, thus creating awareness.

SOCIAL HUB The results can be tabulated and diagrammatically illustrated in posters and brochures placed in the waiting area of the clinics and hospitals for patient awareness. With tremendously revolutionizing digital world, Facebook pages and Twitter links can be created for this research paper to obtain maximum audience and hence awareness. New era . . . new challenges . . . new approach! PAGE 3 A Research on Patients’ Lifestyle Robin Rohnil Kumar S019059 | BMIS - DFL College of Medicine & Health Sciences Fiji National University

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