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Kashmir Problem

I think that if war is seen as real possibility, all efforts should be on its prevention as war brings killing of innocent people, hunger and devastations. The region of Kashmir would hardly be able to restore uniqueness of the legendary beautiful mountainous area. Moreover, 7 million of people are endangered to be killed.

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But for what?

This question is a matter of interest for many politicians, historians and economists as many countries are involved in the conflict – India, Pakistan are the primary participants of the conflict, and the US has its own position towards the problem. Pakistan and India are known to have dispute over Kashmir as they are willing to divide the region. “Line of Control” is introduced as a violated truce.

The problem is that India views Kashmir region as a part of its nation and it claims that Pakistan has occupied illegally portion of the region. Therefore, Indian government is going to prevent unification between Kashmir and Pakistan. In its turn, Pakistan residents are allowed to choose freely whether they want to live in Kashmir or in Jammu. It goes without saying that India rejects such plebiscite. In my opinion, the most dangerous thing is that both countries are nuclear power. It means that in war they may refer to nuclear weapon which can destroy not only Pakistan or India, but also all neighboring states.

I think that everything should be done to solve the conflict peacefully to avoid killing. The article mentions that India had invented more than 300 kg of weapons-grade petroleum in 1995, and it is hard to image what the consequences of such attack may be. Additionally, both countries are hardly equipped with ballistic missiles and fighter jets which could be armed with nuclear weapons.

The conflict is worse by the fact that India suffers from terrorist attacks and may refer to military response, whereas Pakistan views India as aggressor which is willing to take full control of Kashmir threatening in such a way Pakistan nation. It is rather hard to decide whether India or Pakistan can be considered right. The situation is two-fold, but it is necessary to press Pakistan to give up terrorism as it encourages India to attack.


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