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Johnny Man: Widening Views

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This essay will look at and research a cardinal text ( The Saber Tooth Curriculum ) . It will put out to research and critically reexamine Harold Benjamins renowned sarcasm on the educational and curriculum system of a supposedly Palaeolithic folk. The essay will make statements within the text and associate this to the instruction system of Britain in both an academic and vocational scene. It will look at the educational model for 14 to 19 twelvemonth olds and how this relates to the text in inquiry. The essay focuses on the 14 to 19 models of secondary schools, as this is the field in which I teach in. It will place womb-to-tomb larning through vocational instruction of building and how `` Truly Useful Knowledge '' is being used in the Saber Tooth Curriculum and the Construction industry today. The Saber Tooth Curriculum was written against the background of inharmoniousness in America. They had merely come out of the depression as a consequence of roar and flop epoch. Harold Benjamin was an educationist who had fought in the Fist World War and became a advocate of educational reform through his anonym J.Abner Peddiwell. The Saber Tooth Curriculum imagines the first educational system that is set up in Palaeolithic period by a tribesman called New-Fist-Hammer-Maker. He had gained his name by like an expert doing a tool that would be highly good to the endurance of himself and his folk, Benjamin, J ( 1971, p7 ) states ;

'New Fist gained his name and considerable local prestigiousness by bring forthing one of these artifacts in a less unsmooth and more utile signifier than any antecedently known to his folk ' .

The writer has used New-Fist-Hammer-Maker as the footing of his narrative and the message he is seeking to state. Through his advanced tool doing accomplishments, he is seen as the intellectual of the group, and his thought and thirst for cognition are highlighted in the first transitions of the narrative, Benjamin, H ( 1971, p8 ) states ;

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'He began to catch glances of ways in which life might be made better for himself, his household, and his group. By virtuousness of this development, he became a unsafe adult male ' .

The beginnings of New-Fists instruction for his kids and folk, evolves around the demand for security, comfort and nutrient. The simple undertaking of feeding his kids, himself and the folk was identified three classs of course of study: fish grabbing with au naturel custodies, woolly Equus caballus clubbing and saber tooth tiger frightening with fire. Through this course of study the kids had learnt the valuable lessons that would give them advantage over their equals. It was non long before the whole folk had learnt the three basicss of the course of study and for a clip they were secure and safe because of the instruction. One could tie in or compare the course of study New-Fist introduced into his folk, to the instruction system of secondary instruction and vocational instruction in today 's universe. The Education Act of 1944 by Winston Churchill 's Conservative Government, heralded free instruction to the multitudes. The course of study would hold involved the three R 's which would hold been Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. By analyzing these basicss pupils were judged to hold been given a good, if non just instruction to come on into a productive life. It is this foundation in Britain 's instruction system that reflects New- Fists course of study of fish catching with au naturel custodies, woolly Equus caballus clubbing and saber tooth tiger frightening with fire. Benjamin, H ( 1971, p12 ) states ;

'The best trained horse-clubbers of the folk went out twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours and employed the most efficient techniques taught in the schools, but twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours they returned unrewarded. A Equus caballus clubbing instruction of the highest type could acquire no consequences when there were no Equus caballuss to club ' .

As clip goes by the age old course of study of fish catching with au naturel custodies, woolly Equus caballus clubbing and saber tooth tiger frightening with fire is being called into inquiry because new ways of lasting were needed. The butchery of all the natural resources, biological promotion of a species and the onset ice age, forced the folk to contrive new technological betterments in their endurance accomplishments.

As new ways were found to catch fish, traping antelope and capturing bears, the old course of study was sought to be out of day of the month by the bulk of the folk. The groups in the group opposed the seniors and questioned the techniques and learning which were seen to be irrelevant. One could pull analogues with this statement in the past and present instruction system, which has its values in the Thatcher Government of 1979 and the debut of the National Curriculum and all the proficient progresss that have been made since. Prior to the National Curriculum schools were able to learn `` what '' and `` how '' they wanted. It was an independent clip for instructors and all that were involved in the profession of instruction. The educational model of Britain had non changed since the debut of General Certificate of Education Ordinary degree makings, and the Advanced GCE degree in 1951. It was non until the early 1960 's that the Certificate of Secondary Education was introduced, as the O ' Levels were deemed to be excessively hard for the bulk of province instruction. The debut of Margaret Thatcher in 1979 can be seen as the major alteration to the educational system in Britain, and the continuance of that subject in Tony Blair 's New Labour in 1997. Thatcher sought to revolutionize the old model of O degrees and present an up to day of the month General Certificate of Education. Harmonizing to Kelly, A ( 1994 ) this new making would integrate all the new technological progresss and give pupils the cognition, accomplishments and abilities to come on into the wider universe of employment and the beginning of womb-to-tomb acquisition. As clip has gone by the purportedly radical making set up under Thatcher, has itself come under oppugning and go the old guard. Tomlinsons Report in 2004 on course of study reform had put frontward a extremist shingle up of the whole making model for 14 to 19 twelvemonth olds.

The writer has identified and differentiated vocational preparation and instruction through the senior 's stance on course of study alteration. One could pull analogues with the seniors and the building industry and house edifice because the necessity to construct and build a warm, stable and unafraid environment has been cardinal to our endurance since the beginning of clip, from the dark ages to the in-between ages and to the present twenty-four hours. As one coevals passes the learnt accomplishments from one to the other, cognition is being transferred and in clip expanded. As history progresses the manner in which one constructs their houses will alter with manner, manners and thoughts of the clip. Through this all the accomplishments that are learnt through new thoughts and manners are passed onto the following coevals of skilled craftsman. House edifice and building has been portion of the fiction of society, and the manner in which learners have been taught has evolved from that. Knowledge of constructing different ways has ever been fixed but what is `` Truly Useful Knowledge '' are of all time altering, depending on the Government enterprises, Sector skills Councils and the policy shapers of the clip. Presently the building industries have undergone a major reconsideration of all their makings and through authorities reform and support, issues have had to accommodate.

The writer has brought the statement between instruction and preparation and how one is clearly different from the other, the groups in the folk are reasoning for an inspection and repair of their seemingly out of touch patterns fish catching with au naturel custodies, woolly Equus caballus clubbing and saber tooth tiger frightening with fire. The groups are reasoning for instruction to reflect what is go oning in the outside universe and to maintain up to day of the month with technological progresss. Through the seniors the statement for the course of study is based around societal duties, progressive acquisition and cardinal cognition, Benjamin, H ( 1971, p15 ) states ;

`` We do n't learn fish-grabbing to catch fish ; we teach it to develop a generalised legerity which can ne'er to developed by mere preparation. We do n't learn horse-clubbing to club Equus caballuss ; we teach it to develop a generalised strength in the scholar which he can ne'er acquire from so matter-of-fact and specialised a thing as antelope-snaring. We do n't learn tiger-scaring to frighten Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams ; we teach it for the intent of giving that baronial bravery which carries over into all the personal businesss of life and which can ne'er come from so basal an activity as bear-killing. ''

The same statements environing the course of study for 14 to 19 old ages olds are still being asked today, with relevancy to the pupil 's abilities to go forth instruction being to the full equipped with the right cognition to come on into employment, preparation and womb-to-tomb acquisition. The writer has used a journalistic manner of composing he writes in a manner that high spots and sensationalises New-Fist-Hammer-Maker 's expertness in doing good hunting tools for illustration Benjamin, J. ( 1971, p7 ) states ;

'New Fist gained his name and considerable local prestigiousness by bring forthing one of these artifacts in a less unsmooth and more utile signifier than any antecedently known to his folk ' .

The writer Benjamin has used a scope of affectional and descriptive linguistic communication to depict his narrative of a Palaeolithic tribe.Benjamin, H. ( p7 ) states ;

'New-Fist pushed himself beyond those lengths to the point where thinking was inevitable ' .

By puting New- Fist apart from his fellow folk Benjamin, H ( p7 ) states ;

'He would gaze moodily at the flickering fires and inquire about assorted parts of his environment until he eventually got to the point where he became strongly dissatisfied with the accustomed ways of his folk ' .

The whole narrative is set in a metaphor for life through instruction and those that administer what is `` Truly Useful Knowledge '' . The metaphor used by the folk is that instruction is the foundation for life itself and this can non be replaced by manner, manner, technological progresss and alteration in attitudes. The writer has used a simplistic manner to state the narrative of `` The First Great Education Thinker `` in maintaining with the narrative line itself. He has tried to prosecute all that read it foremost a apparently simple journey about a folk and their beginnings of an instruction system which has undertones of irony, sarcasm and a lingua in cheek attitude, Goodland, J argues ( xxviii,2004 ) that ;

'However the cardinal defeat expressed satirically by Harold Benjamin in the Saber Tooth Curriculum was caused by the broad spread between the prevailing pattern what was executable ; between the best and poorest patterns ; between the verbal committednesss to instruction and the existent support it received ; between the pressing demand and the response ' .

The writer has used dyslogistic words throughout the Saber Tooth Curriculum to cynically state the narrative of New-Fist and his folk. He has stigmatised, mocked and stereotyped the bulk of the folk and those that ab initio go against the new instruction system.

In decision the Saber Tooth Curriculum was seeking to place how the universe was altering in its technological progresss. Harold Benjamin was sardonically naming into inquiry, course of study alteration and the different sides that opposed it. Benjamin has used a metaphor for the narrative and how instruction is the beginning of cognition and the necessity to construct on that cognition to convey about alteration and future prosperity. Britain is in a clasp of fiscal instability and the hereafter looks unsure for employment, preparation, instruction and life long larning. Britain and the state are fixing for a general election and the possibility of a alteration of Government looms. The Saber Tooth Curriculum and its satirical statements and arousing inquiries are still apparent in today 's Britain. The Saber Tooth Curriculum poses the thought of cognition as being fixed and ne'er changing and instruction being inactive and unmoveable. This in my position is a romantic and naif position of the universe through rose tinted spectacless. Educational alteration is a positive measure, merely if it is being changed for the good of the people and non by policy shapers or politicians.


Benjamin, H. ( 1971 ) The Saber Tooth Curriculum in The Curriculum ; Content Design and Development. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

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This essay sets out to place how the thought of modernism and postmodernism tantrums into the instruction system of Britain. It will seek to detect how instruction foremost began from the enlightenment period in the 19th century up to the present twenty-four hours. This essay will foreground the alterations that have taken topographic point in instruction, and how vocational instruction, and the beginnings of womb-to-tomb acquisition has taken root in todays province instruction system. The beginning of the instruction system in Europe and its ideals and beliefs have stemmed from faith and the church. From the really beginning of the spiritual beliefs, followings and adherents would hold required the cognition and accomplishments to read and follow instructions from the Christian religion. The Gallic revolution in1848 played an of import function in finding the enlightenment and modernistic thoughts. Prior to the Gallic revolution the sovereign, authorities curates, church clergy and the old guard were the most powerful influences on society. The enlightenment undertaking had split from the instructions and beliefs of the church and religion and placed its values in ground, scientific findings, human nature, not spiritual thoughts, free thoughts and rational thought. The enlightenment period would be a revolution of thoughts that emanated from the old thoughts of the in-between ages, and faith and the church being the fount of all cognition. Out of the Enlightenment period Modernity was born towards the terminal of the 19th century and they would hold viewed the universe as scientific, based on cosmopolitan truths, logical thought of cognition and objectiveness. This was a move off from trust on religion to ground merely accepting cognition if their was cogent evidence of a move into modernness Bron, A ( 2002, p42 ) states ;

'Modernism has, of class, many dimensions but cardinal to its beliefs was the emancipatory potency of peculiar signifiers of cognition. Reason and scientific discipline were to be applied to human personal businesss, every bit good as to the natural universe, replacing God as the premier footing for human improvement and societal advancement ' .

Modernity mirrored capitalist economy and the province did non endeavor for instruction of the multitudes to derive societal equality but to do the state prosper economically. The industrial revolution went some manner to alter thoughts about cognition, instruction and preparation as workers were going more skilled and the necessity to read and compose was evident. For the bulk of people, instruction was seen to be for the privileged few, up until the terminal of the Second World War. Education of this clip was based on a three grade system that included Secondary Moderns, Grammar and Technical Schools. The instruction of the bulk of the state was left down to the instructors, pedagogues and caputs of the educational establishment, authorities and curates were non involved in the `` what '' and `` how `` to learn kids. The instruction of the clip would hold been based around reading, composing, arithmetic, spiritual instruction and vocational topics like woodwork, needlecraft and metalwork. This would hold reflected a hidebound position of instruction instead than a modernist attack. While the move towards modernness had begun, many schools still remained traditionally based around the church. Kelly, V ( 1994, p24 ) argues ;

'In most societies deliberate efforts are made to utilize the educational system to advance certain sorts of societal and political values- and spiritual values excessively, since it is apparent that the monolithic part of the churches development of instruction Al proviso over the old ages, along with their close engagement in the planning and direction of schools and colleges '

These pupils would non hold left school without a making but may hold been awarded a certification of school accomplishment. As instruction progressed into the 1950 's The General Certificate of Education Ordinary degree makings and the Advanced GCE degree making were introduced into mainstream instruction. Harmonizing to the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency, the Certificate of Secondary Education ( CSE ) was introduced in the 1960 's to provide for a wider spectrum of pupils. The grounds behind this was that the bulk of pupils were non able to finish the elitist O Levels and A Levels, as the scrutinies and procedures were excessively far making for the ordinary kid. The modernistic attack towards instruction system had non changed since the debut of the 1944 Education Act under Churchill 's Government, until the debut of the Margaret Thatcher Government in 1979.

The station modernistic motion has come from a reaction against Modernism. This would hold been reflected in our civilization and, whether that is the humanistic disciplines, literature or architecture, these have stemmed from a feeling of alteration in our society. The first universe has evolved and moved on from the beginnings of capitalist economy and industrialism. Managerialism and the move off from the single instructor keeping power in what they taught their pupils, to the province make up one's minding what should be taught. Technology, whole sale capitalist economy, denationalization, globalization would boom in the station modern universe, which had its roots at the terminal of the Second World War. Harmonizing to Usher, R ( 1996, P2 ) it is really hard to pigeon hole instruction with Postmodernism and goes onto province ;

'Historically, instruction can be seen as the vehicle by which modernness 's 'grand narrations ' , the enlightenment ideals of important ground, single freedom, advancement and benevolent alteration, are substantiated and realised '

Since the Introduction of Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative party in 1979 they had sought to alter the instruction system in Britain, with the Education Act 1988, a new Curriculum was born. The construction of the old making for primary and secondary schools were deemed to be out of touch. The General Certificate of Education Ordinary degree makings were to be abolished and replaced by The General Certificate of Secondary Education, Usher, R ( 1996, p25 ) states ;

'Education is itself traveling through profound alterations in footings of intents, contents and methods, alterations are themselves an facet of the uncertainnesss of the postmodern minute ' .

And goes on to province ;

'Thus postmodernism becomes portion of the course of study, incorporated into the modern pattern of instruction ' .

The National Curriculum had put the Government at the head of educational development. It had moved policy devising and educational alteration into a centrally planned system. The National Curriculum had identified that pupils would be broken down into cardinal phases, so that they could analyze the patterned advance and attainment marks from each cardinal phase, from an appraisal defined by the authorities. Another cardinal alteration was the distinction of topics into nucleus and foundation topics. The nucleus topics would be based around Mathematics, English and Sciences and Kelly, V ( 1994, p24 ) argues ;

'Thus English has to come known more frequently as ' linguistic communication ' , as instructors have come to concentrate on the development of the students ability to utilize linguistic communication for thought and for speaking every bit good as for authorship, and, in the procedure of this alteration, there has been some loss of accent on grammatical constructions, on punctuation and, in general, on the mechanics of the English linguistic communication ' .

The Governments concluding to alter the course of study, was to maintain in line with the postmodern universe and its rivals. Harmonizing to Kelly, A ( 1994 ) the demand to educate and develop pupils to go portion of society through employment and economic growing was paramount to the ideals of the Government. The beginnings of life long acquisition for 14 to 19 twelvemonth olds can be seen In 2004 by Mike Tomlinson study on the 14-19 reform of instruction which was commissioned by Tony Blair 's Labour Party following on from his `` Education, Education, Education '' rhetoric. The proposed alteration of course of study is really much centred on immature pupils going grownups within the making model, therefore seting them on the first measure of life long larning. The alteration in ideals and aspiration between New Labour and the Conservative Party it had superseded could be seen as an extension of the former government. Mike Tomlinson had advocated a complete shingle up of the current making model of G.C.S.E 'S and A Level making. Harmonizing to Tomlinson ( 2004, p4 ) the reform was needed to ;

'Raise engagement and accomplishment, strengthen vocational paths, provide greater stretch and challenge, acquire the rudimentss right ( English, maths, ICT ) cut down the appraisal load, and do the system more crystalline and easier to understand ' .

Since 2004 Vocational instruction has been introduced into secondary school, constructing people into the universe of work non modernism instruction for instruction interest.

The overplus of classs now available to school kids from the age of 14 old ages old, scope from Construction, Horticulture, Catering, Creative Media, Motor Mechanics, Engineering, Hair, Beauty, Outdoor instruction etc. This continuance of the altering face of instruction falls in line with Jarvis ( 2004, p32 ) ;

'With this rapid alteration, it is about impossible to see cognition as a truth any more- we are now speaking about something that is comparative and can be changed once more every bit shortly as some new find is made ' .

Although vocational instruction has reached many more pupils in secondary schools Tomlinson 's, sweeping alteration of the making model for 14-19 twelvemonth olds has been watered down and have been partly introduced.

In decision the argument and statements environing Modernism and Post Modernism in our society have been ongoing since the debut of the thought. Mod positions replaced the ideals of the church, and cognition being placed into scientific findings and truths as the universe was altering. The thoughts of Modernism and Postmodernism took assorted signifiers in architecture, art, literature and instruction, and it could be argued that postmodernism is merely another signifier of modernism, and one is an extension of the other. As the essay has shown cognition is of all time traveling and altering and the instruction of our society reflects that cultural and ideological motion.


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Department of Education and Skills. ( 2004 ) 14-19 Curriculum and Qualifications Reform. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Report.pdf ( Accessed: 1st April 2010 )

The essay will place a modern-day thought within instruction, Marketisation, and how it has affected the direction of schools and how they have changed their political orientation and construction because of it. It will turn up how the school ethos and their long term plans fits into womb-to-tomb acquisition. The essay will foreground the alterations in authorities and how they have affected instruction and place cardinal constabularies within that. The debut of the Conservative authorities under Margaret Thatcher in the 1970 's changed Britain and its nucleus values in footings of its national industries, instruction and the wellness service. Before the Conservative Government Secondary schools were able to learn its ain course of study and make up one's mind what `` Truly Useful Knowledge '' was for their pupils. It was in the epoch of instructors being independent and at the Centre of pupils larning. The course of study of schools from the1950 's to the1970 's harmonizing to Matheson, D ( 2008 ) , did non hold a common nucleus course of study and was able to take their ain standards for learning. Schools were able to learn what they decided and how they were traveling to learn. Schooling of the 1950 's and the 1970 's gave power to instructors in the schoolroom. They could take their ain reading stuff, doctrine and the manner they taught the kids. The Thatcher Government and its political orientations and values had crushed the brotherhoods in its chase of merchandising of Britain 's National industries and interrupting the spirit of all those that stood behind it. The thought of denationalization was introduced under Thatcher 's Conservatives and Education did non get away their implicit in influences, Randle, K argues that ( 2000, pp140 )

'The New mangerialsim can be characterised as a manner of direction which emerged in the UK in the early 1980 's and bit by bit distribute throughout the Public Sector. It began with the civil service in the aftermath of the Rayner Scritinities and the Financial Management Initiative ( Metcalf and Richards. 1987 ) and has since been established in local governments, the BBC, the NHS and the Education Sector ' .

Prior to Thatcher all secondary schools and farther instruction colleges were under the control of Local Educational Authorities, but Thatcher had given all secondary schools the license to go Masterss of their ain fate if they so desired, and enter into the concern universe of instruction. Secondary Schools were now portion of this new universe of denationalization, marketisation and Thatcherism. Kelly, A ( 1994, p48 ) states ;

'It is possibly deserving observing foremost the commercial imagination that is a characteristic of much of the 1988 Acts back uping certification. We read of the suppliers of instruction, of the 'delivery ' of the course of study, of 'machinery ' for carry throughing this and that, of the 'users ' of the system, of its 'consumers ' , of our rivals and so on ' .

The 1988 Education Reform Act would turn out to be instrumental in both, the manner in which schools and farther instruction colleges were funded. The National Curriculum was introduced into province instruction in 1988 so the Government could determine the patterned advance of all secondary schools in England. The debut of the National Curriculum conference tabular arraies and SATS were shortly to follow. In countries of the state that still have Grammar Schools, Comprehensive and Secondary Moderns viing against each other, the National Curriculum set up under Thatcher would ever be a stumbling block for the under acting schools that would be at the underside of the conference tabular arraies. With the oncoming of Marketisation and Managerialism of instruction, Secondary Schools like The Community College Whitstable would hold to accommodate to the altering values of instruction. Schools have had to alter the set up of their managerial doctrines and go more in melody with the fundss of their establishment. The direction squad at The Community College Whitstable is set up as a concern with the Managing Director at the top or the Head and the Teachers at the underside in what could be described as a Christmas tree formation. The caput will hold their senior direction squad below her, and 2 Deputy Heads and the main Finance Officer as their closest confidantes. From the instructor at the bottom one will hold to see one degree above before he or she can talk to the Head. Through this concatenation of bid the Head instructor will be able to study and supervise the school and how it performs both financially and academically. For schools such as The Community College Whitstable, pulling a steady flow of pupils twelvemonth on twelvemonth is critical as the pupils represent a fiscal addition. The conference tabular arraies are all of import for possible new pupils and the patterned advance up the conference is paramount. Harmonizing to Ofsted Report ( 2000 ) The Community College Whitstable had underperformed academically in 1997, 98, 99, which show that they was in the bottom five per cent of schools. The Oftsed Reports in 2006 and 2009 have non shown much advancement from the early yearss of the transmutation of the Sir William Nottidge to The Community College Whitstable. The grounds for this can be seen in the unjust disadvantage of the choice policy and competition from other schools in the Kent country. Hill, D ( 2001, p12 ) backs up this statement ;

'New Labour policy and discourse on instruction, on schooling in peculiar, shows both continuities and differences with Thatcherism. The major continuities are a scope of low public outgo, denationalization, and the care of a selective, specializer and exclusionary instruction system ' .

The outlooks from instructors to execute, educate and train pupils to go through test has non been greater as instructors public presentation degrees are linked into the school `` mangerialism '' . Teachers are bound to the schools with annual reappraisals on their public presentation direction, which are centred on the schools aspiration on accomplishment. Through these public presentation direction reviews instructors are assessed and a annual increase of their wage is paid.

The 14-19 docket and the present authorities policies and support have had an impact on all secondary schools, they are no longer happy to allow their pupils travel to the local farther instruction colleges or elsewhere. The policy to maintain pupils past the compulsory age, are apparent at The Community College Whitstable, as the figure of station compulsory pupils have risen each twelvemonth, from 11 in 2000 to 117 in 2009. The chance of maintaining pupils station 16 are seen as a must for The Community College Whitstable. The growing of 6th signifier can be seen as instruction for instructions sake, as the consumption of pupils into 6th signifier can be seen as an unfastened door policy for fiscal addition, Evans, K. ( 2000, p126 ) argues ;

'Currently, both the FEFC and TEC support theoretical accounts is target driven. If we add in the force per unit areas on schools to make full their sixth signifiers with pupils who will accomplish and, hence, hike their schools standing in the conference tabular arraies, we can see that, at local degree, the construct of partnership in station 16 instruction and preparation market is non based on lovingness and sharing ' .

As one can measure the debut of womb-to-tomb acquisition is really of import to secondary schools, which no longer sees themselves as merely mandatory instruction but establishments of larning. As each pupil represents money and are costed into the budget for the fiscal twelvemonth it is imperative to prolong the pupil Numberss. Not merely are secondary schools viing with other educational establishments they are besides mercantile establishments for outreach Centres such as Learn Direct. The Community College Whitstable has incorporated the Learn Direct into their substructure, which caters for a broad scope of educational classs, either online or as a bead in Centre. These Centres are cardinal for womb-to-tomb propensity or those that do non desire to come in mainstream instruction. Such enterprises are instrumental in the new managerialism and marketisation of secondary schools such as The Community College Whitstable.

In decision Marketisation of schools and Further Education are straight linked to the Margaret Thatcher 's Conservative Government of the late 70 's and early 80 's. The extremist shingle up of the national establishments from denationalization, and the interruption up of trade brotherhoods and the planetary economic system have had a immense impact on the instruction system. Despite the alteration in Governments, the on-going conflict for the right instruction system is still being sought after. Secondary schools such as The Community College Whitstable have become concerns in instruction in their ain right and will hold to accommodate and continually alteration with the air current of power. Secondary schools will and make play an of import portion in Lifelong Learning as they are the foundations for all our acquisition.

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