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Jean Piaget

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The history of psychology dates back to the ancient Greeks, Callahan and India. There are even some records of psychology dating back to ancient Egypt. Psychology is the study of the human mind and it's functions. It used to be a branch of philosophy, but in the asses it developed into an independent science, when Wilhelm Wound founded the first laboratory dedicated to psychology. In the ancient times, psychology had to do with evil spirits and souls, which remedies were incinerations and curses. Right now, In modern times, we know that psychology has nothing to do with that, but with the rain and the way it works.

Jean Pigged was born In Nucleus, Switzerland in 1896. He did his license and PhD on biology at the university of his hometown. It was his background on biology, and his interest on epistemology (the theory of knowledge), that made him want to find out how the mind comes to know knowledge, objects and concepts, which then lead him to study the development of children, especially his own. He observed, talked and listen to them, as well as other children, while he performed exercises to test his theories, studies that he then published and helped IM create his theory.

Piglet's theory is called Intellectual Development, it is based on the maturation of the human. It was divided into four stages. These stages happen in between the ages of O and 15 years old. The first stage that happens between the age of O and 2, it is called Seismometer Stage. Children start to differentiate themselves from objects and knows more about himself and where he is. Also a key think kids learn Is that if parents or any object Is outside of his sight It will continue to exist.

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Pre-operational stage comes around 2-7 years of age, the most important thing happening in this stage is that children learn how to use language and by using this skill they represent objects by words or images. Children begin to use symbols to represent objects, also they don't have a sense of time and are influenced by fantasy and think others fantasize like them. Concrete Operational is the stage happening while the child is 7 to 12 years old. During this age children get more comfortable with themselves, and develop an ability to think and make judgment about important things.

In this stage It Is common that children ask many questions and would like to explain things to their parents. The last stage of Piglet's theory is called Formal Operational Stage, in this stage teenagers are Individual and know how to make complete Judgment by themselves. Teenagers are capable or reasoning and will be more open and have a wide range of ideas because they can consider many possibilities and see from different perspectives Jean Piglets theory of intellectual development Is very similar but at the same time very different than Erikson theory.

Piglet's theory is based on maturation and what children and adults hint and develop while growing up, while Erikson theory is more about what you feel and who you are as a person and the people you interact with. The theories are similar at only the beginning, in the first stage when they talk about tact and how the children develop feelings with the persons they love. And finally another similarity Is that all the stages last till death. In Piglet's theory you stop developing at age 16, childhood, allotted and elderly.

The two theories are different in many ways but both have the same base idea, you could say that Jean and Erik had the same Houghton, but then developed a different concept for finishing their theories. Pigged is one of the most important psychologists of the modern times, and with out a doubt, the most important child psychologist. He is very well recognized around the world for his theory on child development as well as the series of books he has written on it. Jean Piglet's theory is more about maturation, rather than Erosion's, that is more about what a person is feeling throughout his or her whole life.

His theory has four stages which are: The seismometer stage (0-2 years), the Pre-operational stage (2-7 ears), the concrete operational stage (7-12) and the formal operational stage (12 and above). Teenagers who are 12 and above have a wider range of ideas and they have judgment. Erickson theory has stages begin from the moment in which a person is born, to the moment in which a person dies. He explains how your life can change if a stage in your life isn't satisfactory. Usually, a teenager isn't mature enough until he or she has reached an age above 12.

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