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Intangible Resources

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The intangible resources of Singapore airlines are crucial to the successful entry of the airline in South America. These resources are direct links to the strategies developed, applied, and continuously enhanced by SIA. Singapore Airlines has a strong positive reputation as one of the best airlines in the world. It established this position by its ability to fulfill its strategic objectives. SIA adopted an integrated competitive strategy combining service differentiation through its excellent service and innovativeness and cost leadership through cost-effective operations. SIA also has a strong brand with high customer recognition. Since the start of the company in 1972, it has always strived to be different as one of the best airlines. It took a leadership stand in industry innovation.

The message of its brand is “Singapore Airlines - A Great Way to Fly”. The Singapore girl wearing the sarong as an icon of hospitality expresses its excellent service quality. These achieved strong market recognition. The airline holds copyright and trademark rights for its logo of a bird with a striped tail and the name of the airline. The color of the bird could be silver or gold and the text in silver/white or black, its logo remained an established identifier for the airline. Its positive reputation, strong brand, and logo identifier are key facilitators of the entry of Singapore Airlines into South America and in building a market in the region.


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