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Today 's engineering affects the bringing of attention and patient safety in different health care puting. Due to the increasing mistakes in the health care environment, the Joint Commission and other health care organisations mandated ways to better proper and safer patient designation. The usage of saloon codification scanning engineering gave a large spring of bettering mistakes in the healthcare field. Nowadays, the barcode scanning can be seen in patient ' wristbands, medical records and laboratory faux pass or requisitions. With this turning engineering, a little pilot survey utilizing barcode scanning was initiated in an ICU scene in a local infirmary. The barcode scanning was used to accurately and expeditiously place patients when taking blood glucose fingerstick at the bedside. This survey will demo how it improves the truth and efficiency in executing the undertaking. Even at the terminal, there are defects that were identified in the survey. There is a two per centum mistake in scanning the barcode wristband in the survey. But the countries of betterment were identified. The bedside nurse necessitate to verify the medical record figure scanned and must fit what is in the armband. With this technique, 87.5 % of the bedside nurse find this technique a much accurate and efficient in taking blood sugar fingerstick in the ICU scene. The nurses besides need to mensurate its efficiency in placing patients right utilizing barcode scanning technique. Time is measured between manually come ining MRN versus scanning a barcoded wristband. It is found that 100 % of the eight bedside nurses find it more faster technique than manually come ining the MRN in the Surestep glucometer.


Patient safety encompasses bar of mistakes and errors of action and judgement, doing mistakes seeable and extenuating the effects of mistake. `` In 1997, a survey of 1,000 hospitalized patients in a big instruction infirmary found 177 of these patients received inappropriate attention that resulted in serious inauspicious events '' ( Barach, 2003 ) . It is a turning grounds of the figure of medical mistakes throughout the health care system in the United States and this became a signal to the health care system that betterment in patient safety and bringing of attention is needed with the usage of engineering. As we all know, engineering plays an of import function in bettering the bringing of attention in any hospital scenes. There had been an increasing job in the health care environment when it comes with medicine mistake. It is going a serious public wellness menace.

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Harmonizing to a landmark 1999 Institute of Medicine study, between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die yearly due to medical errors ( Kohn, et Al ) . As portion of its on-going attempts and duty to better patient safety, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) ruled on April 4, 2004, to do barcodes compulsory on the labels of 1000s of human medicines and biological merchandises by the twelvemonth 2006 '' ( Kohn, et. Al ) . The FDA expected that the opinion will assist forestall about 500,000 inauspicious events and transfusion mistakes over the 20 old ages that follow, at a cost nest eggs of $ 93 billion. Although the opinion makes the National Drug Code ( NDC ) -format barcodes compulsory merely on medicine packaging produced by drug providers, there is hope that this policy and recommendation will convey approximately technological promotions in prescription ordination, drug dispensing, and medicine disposal across all weaponries of the state 's wellness attention system. `` A critical method for suppliers of attention to cut down inauspicious events associated with medicine mistakes is to concentrate on the ways of bettering the system of presenting attention.

In order to prolong and better upon established degree of attention, it is critical that wellness attention installations evaluate options to incorporate information systems as a mechanisms to extinguish preventable medicine mistakes '' ( Patel, 2004 ) and even procedural mistakes such as look intoing blood sugar at the bedside. As we can see the usage of medicine barcode engineering grows, the wellness attention establishments will necessitate to be cognizant of related alterations in accreditation and conformity policies. These are of import and necessary to follow within several regulative organisations, including the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ( JCAHO ) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance ( NCQA ) .

The Support of the health care accreditation and other organisations

Under the conditions of The Joint Commission ( antecedently JCAHO ) and other accreditations, the heathcare organisation is now faced with increasing force per unit area to proactively look and turn to medical mistakes that can go on in any wellness attention scenes. In July 2002, the Joint Commission called national attending to the basic beginning of mistake by set uping right patient designation as one of the six National Patient Goals of 2002 and `` by January 2004 would impact the organisation 's accreditation and position. The ends included more accurate patient designation, enhanced communicating among wellness attention suppliers, decrease or riddance of wrong-site, wrong-patient, and incorrect process surgeries, and betterments to identify equipment such as clinical dismay systems '' ( Mello, M. , Kelly & A ; Brennan, T. , 2005 ) . This accreditation organic structure has given accent on medical disposal, it is besides of import in any other facets of patient attention bringing. They support the proper designation and safe bringing of attention in different countries and activities in healthcare scenes.

Taking Technology with Patient Safety and Security

Patient security is further enhanced with engineering. It is besides of import to include and place staff employees that are administrating medicines, trials, or processs. These non merely offer an of import ( and clip salvaging ) record of the provider/patient interaction, but they besides provide an excess cheque to assist avoid mistakes or errors.

Much of the of import engineering to accomplish these consequences already exists. Even more is in development-especially as infirmaries move toward the electronic medical record and its particular consideration. Again, infirmaries and other wellness attention scenes now are mandated by jurisprudence to be compliant with the HIPAA jurisprudence and electronic medical information. But the world remains: infirmaries must equilibrate these chances with bottom line fiscal considerations. Finding the solution will necessitate careful choice of a package supplier who can run into current and future demands of the provider-who will spouse with the supplier for today and the hereafter. The picks environing this chance will change wider but the bets have ne'er been higher or the wagess for patient safety are much more compelling.

What is the current pattern? `` Patient safety and medicine disposal safety are of import infirmary precedences. General enterprises designed to better safety include following a institutional civilization conducive to safe patterns, optimising substructure and clinical patterns to take beginnings of mistakes and analyzing mistakes that occur to find the beginning and possible ways to forestall mistakes '' ( Cumming, et. al. , 2005 ) . Before and even until now, nurses are used of visually look intoing the medical specialty and following the five patients ' right.

Today 's nursing working force is burdened with increasing larger patients ' tonss and much more sicker and higher sharp-sightedness patient degrees than of all time before together with multiple co-morbidities. Everyone agrees that guaranting patient safety is a top precedence for health care suppliers. The first measure lies in accurately placing the patient. Every practicing nurse is taught that the first precaution against medical mistake or positive patient designation by looking at the 5 rights: right medicine, right clip, right patient, right dosage and right path. This sounds easy but frequently are missed and doing an mistake. Technology is supplying some outstanding progresss in this country, but more demands to be done. Balancing the demand for patient privateness and security nowadayss some particular challenges, but the two truly do work in concert-when a supplier uses a system that will suit and turn with its turning demands.

Bar-coded wristbands are most good when establishments such as infirmaries assign barcodes to their merchandise such as medicine, blood merchandises, research lab trials and processs. Patients traditionally receive the all important wristband during the admittances procedure. Again, a cost-efficient solution that can suit saloon coded wristbands can assist in accurately identify patients in supplying patient attention in the infirmary scene. Increasingly, suppliers are seeing the bar-coded carpus set as an of import patient safety cheque: scanning the set will assist guarantee right patient designation for medicine disposal, lab work, transfusions, proving and other processs.

The Bar Coding Technique

Bar codification engineerings are now being utilized for other wellness attention applications outside of medicine disposal. The saloon codification was found in 1974 and was used ab initio in the nutrient industry. It was in 1991 when the first saloon codification appeared in a medicine bundle. `` In 2004, the FDA issued a concluding regulation necessitating saloon codifications on most prescription and non prescription drugs normally used in the infirmary to cut down the hazard of medicine mistakes '' ( Churchill, 2005 ) . Bar coding engineering can efficaciously look at medicines in two degrees. `` First, the usage of saloon codifications on medicine packaging can guarantee appropriate usage of medicines. Second, saloon codifications can be used as alone patient identifiers '' ( Patel, 2004 ) to patients. Bar-code enabled bedside nurses to decently corroborate patient designation and accurately execute bedside undertakings from medicine disposal, lab work and every bit simple as fingerstick cheque at the bedside. This will enable the nurse to verify the right patient, right medicine, right process, and right blood glucose fingerstick cheque. In kernel, `` barcode engineering is a replacing for a traditional keyboard informations entry. It requires a transition of an identifier to a symbolic representation-the barcode-that can so be printed on, or affix to, an point, later read by a light beginning and fed into a computing machine '' ( Grotting, et Al, 2002 ) . Standard barcodes are like the 1s we see in food market shops or like our licence home bases.

The Advantages of Barcode Scaning

The usage of barcode engineering brings a figure of valuable advantages to the health care environment. Bar codification scanning is much more accurate than the human oculus or the flick of a finger. `` Trials have shown that barcoded information has an truth rate of 1 mistake per 10,000,000 characters. Compare that to identify board entry mistake rate of 1 mistake per 100 characters. '' ( Grotting, et Al, 2002 ) . The barcode scanning engineering gives chance to diminish or forestall mistakes in garnering informations while executing it in a fraction of a clip alternatively of making things manually. Another advantage is its easiness of usage. Participants can get the hang the equipment in shorter sum of clip. It besides accrued through a standardisation of codifications or patterns that is a good developed engineering. The barcode engineering gets better every clip and provides truth and efficiency.

It is believed that implementing this technique in the wellness attention puting can supply fiscal benefits in add-on to clinical results. There will be preventable longer length of stay and lessening cost in the infirmary stay. With this technique, `` 1000000s of dollars per twelvemonth, non including malpractice costs, readmissions and judicial proceeding costs, or the costs of hurts to patients ( Grotting, et Al, 2002 ) '' will be saved. Litigation entirely can be financially burthening to the infirmary. `` On norm, jury awards for medicine mistakes reached $ 636,844 per award in 2000 '' ( Jury Verdict Research Group, 2000 ) .

Factors that affects the Barcode Scanning

There factors that affects engineering such as barcode scanning. The detector factors, human factors, system architecture factors are some of the factors and can go challenges.

For sensor factors or a barcode scanner, one should look at the design. Every detector is identified by a baseline measuring mistake that can be portion in the technology, design, type and intent of the detector. It is dependent upon the preciseness and truth of it. It is needed to guarantee that high quality detector informations and equipment is used to present a all right preciseness and truth. It is of import to see that we have to utilize for the medical demands of the patients in the health care puting. The quality of industry demands to reflect the trust in the detector fabrication procedure. Besides, every merchandise, every detector needs to be calibrated. It is common that overtime, any merchandise, will diminish its truth. Therefore, it needs to be calibrated. The detector and merchandise must be dependable when in usage.

Any wellness monitoring system involves human participants. This can be the patient, health professional or wellness attention suppliers such as nurses. It is necessary for every participant to transport out specific functions in utilizing new equipment. The participants need to swear and hold assurance on the new equipment for it to go successful. They should believe on its `` individuality ( genuineness ) , duty ( executing the function when expected ) , competency ( executing the function right ) , and motive ( willingness to execute the function ) '' ( Sriram, et. Al, 2002 ) .

Since there are a batch of policies that a infirmary or wellness attention puting to follow with, one should see that wellness information are sensitive. Every wellness attention supplier whether they are physicians or nurses are required to follow with HIPAA privateness policies. Therefore, a system should guarantee that no leak sing patient information will go on and must be dependable. It should non be weak that could interrupt healthcare information. It is of import to see its unity and exposures.

The Barcode Pilot Study in ICU Puting

Bing a quality betterment representative of our unit, I was able to place some lacks in the inaccuracy in placing patients during bedside blood sugar monitoring. It was two old ages ago when bedside intensive attention unit nurses are still come ining medical record figure in the Surestep glucometer to accurately place patients. It gave an thought to make a little undertaking for the unit. Not all infirmaries are utilizing saloon codifications in placing their patients. It was besides two old ages ago when the infirmary where I am working started saloon codifications in patient armbands to increase proper designation of patients particularly in executing lab trial. This is a first measure in bettering in accurately placing patients in our infirmary. I have worked in other infirmaries and most of the infirmaries I 've worked at are utilizing a glucometer that scans the barcodes in the patient 's armbands. The glucometer that was used in the other scenes are the same glucometer used in my infirmary. Therefore, I started a little undertaking in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit to fly a barcode scanning in obtaining blood sugar fingerstick to our intensive attention unit patient population.

The Objective of the Study

First, I discussed with my co-Shared Governance members about the thought. I have presented to them why I am making the undertaking. This undertaking will increase the truth and efficiency of obtaining blood glucose fingerstick at the bedside. The patient populations we are looking at are patient with Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Open Hearts patients. Both of these populations require an every one hr fingerstick. With the current process we have in the ICU, the bedside nurses are still manually come ining the medical record figure of the patient whenever a blood sugar fingerstick is needed. The sum of clip and the sum of mistake is higher when the bedside nurses are making this. After discoursing the undertaking with the Shared Governance of the unit and our nurse director and got their consensus, I started looking at how to roll up the information.

Data Collection of the Undertaking

There will be two portion of the survey: measurement truth and mensurating efficiency. I compared the old protocol of taking blood glucose fingerstick and wrote a different protocol for the undertaking. This will assist the ICU nurses follow the instructions ( see attachment # 1 ) . I used a little pilot survey that can roll up 50 informations. The information will be within one hebdomad or until 50 informations are collected. The participants will come in in the generated templet for the survey ( see attachment # 2 ) . The end is to hold 50 samples of MRN barcode scanning during fingerstick cheques. The armband of the patient has a preprinted barcodes. This can be utilized in the undertaking. There is no excess cost for developing a barcoded wristband. It is already in the infirmary acknowledging system of a patient ; hence, we will be utilizing this for the undertaking. There will be no added cost to the budget of the unit.

The participants, all nurses of the displacement was given instructions and inservice of the undertaking. They will foremost do certain the patient is right campaigner for the survey. They can be the Diabetic Ketoacidosis ( DKA ) and unfastened bosom patients. Both of this population requires every hr fingerstick because of the insulin trickle that is running.

Surveying the Bedside Nurses

After roll uping 50 informations for the undertaking, a study was given to every participant. It asked for different things: What type of patient population used? Was the usage of saloon codification scanning much more efficient that the manually come ining MRN? Was the usage of saloon pod scanning much more accurate in placing patients that manually come ining MRN? Would you urge utilizing this new method than the old one? ( See Attachment # 3 )


I will look at garnering 50 informations from the bedside nurses. Besides, I will be supplying a study signifier for the bedside nurse to compare the current process versus the new barcode scanning technique ( see attachment # 3 ) . There will be no extra cost for purchasing the equipment to make the undertaking. The glucometer, Surestep, has a capableness of barcode scanning. Therefore, the excess characteristic of the equipment is already in the machine and merely necessitate to be utilized to execute this little undertaking.

The undertaking will run for a hebdomad get downing February 24th until 50 informations is collected. All bedside nurses on all displacements were inserviced in the entrance undertaking. It was discussed with them what patient population that can be portion of the survey. Merely the unfastened bosom patients and Diabetic Ketoacidosis are the patient population allowed at this clip because of their every hr fingerstick. They were instructed that that every patients who participated in this survey must hold a barcoded wristband. They besides need to do certain that there is imprinted medical record figure ( MRN ) on it. The wristbands must non hold any wear or rupture prior to the scanning. If they find that any of the wristbands has any mark of wear or tear, they were asked to replace them. This will forestall any inaccurate consequences that can impact the survey.

Scaning the Patient and Completing Survey Form

Each operator will acquire a templet to come in the consequence of the survey ( see Attachment # 2 ) . They will foremost set the day of the month, clip, operator 's initial, existent MRN, scanned MRN, and enter YES or NO if the scanned MRN matched the imprinted MRN. If non, they will necessitate to reiterate the process, but must go forth a remark how many times it scanned falsely. This aggregation will go on until 50 informations is collected.

Every bedside nurse ( operator ) must finish the study signifier at the terminal of their displacement. All the signifiers will be placed in an envelope provided.

Analysis of the Undertaking

The undertaking ran from February 24 until March 2. It was about a hebdomad of proving 50 barcode scanning of armbands anterior taking blood glucose fingerstick. With the 50 informations collected and compared with manually entered MRN and saloon codification scanned, one information did non scan the MRN right. It was at the 2nd scan when the scanned barcode matched the imprinted barcode in the patient 's wristband. Therefore, there was a two per centum opportunity of scanning a barcoded wristband with inaccurate MRN. The operator was asked if there is any tear or ill-defined barcode in the armband of the patient. The operator stated that there was no tear or ill-defined barcodes in the wristband. What caused this inaccuracy?

There were entire of eight bedside nurses ( operator ) in making this undertaking. All of the bedside nurses completed the study. Here is the dislocation of their consequences: 100 % of the 50 informations collected has barcoded wristbands with the same MRN that is imprinted, 25 % of the patient population was an unfastened bosom patients and the 75 % was Diabetic Ketoacidosis patient, 7 out of 8 bedside nurses felt that it is still accurate to barcode scan the MRN, 8 out of 8 bedside nurses felt that it is faster to scan the MRN than manually come ining it, in conclusion, 8 out of 8 nurses want to urge this new barcode scanning technique in come ining the MRN than manually come ining every individual figure in the machine.

Even with the one mistake from the 50 informations collected, there was a back up program for it. The bedside nurse still needs to compare the scanned MRN with the patient 's wristband to guarantee the proper patient designation during the simple blood glucose monitoring at the bedside.

Credence of the Undertaking

The undertaking was successful because of the willingness of the nurses to be involved in the survey. They do non hold to travel through a long preparation to utilize the equipment. They are familiar with the glucometer. Sometimes deficiency of engagement and involvement from the participants can add to the defect of the survey. `` We learned that prosecuting nurses early helps them to avoid inauspicious incidents and engineering related emphasis '' ( Weckman, H. , & A ; Janzen, S. , 2009 ) . These nurses are first-class beginning of thoughts and suggestions on how to better any portion of the procedure. It is believed that `` careful hearing to the nurses ' remarks was crucialaˆ¦because the engineering alterations in pattern have the possible to make a ripple consequence in other facets of their work flow '' ( Weckman, H. , & A ; Janzen, S. , 2009 ) .

The Surgical Intensive Unit accepted this new barcode scanning technique in come ining MRN in the Surestep glucometer. They felt that it is accurate and faster in come ining MRN comparison in utilizing their fingertips. The other unit started to inquire if they can use the technique to their unit, based on the infirmary 's policy, it needed to be approved by the research lab forces who are assigned in garnering informations for the glucometer. I presented the undertaking to her and she rejected the undertaking to be shared to the other unit. She said that there is a high per centum of mistake that can go on. It is 10 times more blood glucose fingerstick that is taken daily in the infirmary. If there is a two per centum mistake, it will hold an equivalent of 10 inaccurate MRN scanned. This is merely a day-to-day blood glucose monitoring. What more if is translated to monthly and annually? They wanted to name the seller if the wristband barcode is the right barcode for the glucometer. There are different sizes and formats of barcoding and his must be one of the insufficiencies of the technique. Even with the rejection of the research lab forces to hold it dispersed in other unit, the nurses in the Surgical ICU are satisfied with the new technique. Therefore, the barcode scanning technique was merely done in Surgical Intensive Unit with the blessing of the unit 's nurse director. The bedside nurses in this unit urge this and prefer to make this technique because it takes less clip than manually come ining them.


Problems with scanning arose ab initio because the usage of multiple barcode formats, sizes and location. The quality of the barcode scanner reader can hold an impact on the truth of its usage. Is the quality of the printed barcoded wristband impacting its scanning capableness? It can besides be a human factor. Human factors can go on and go a barrier in the proper and successful execution of a undertaking. It can alter its truth in scanning a medical record figure ( MRN ) . But the inquiry still exists is it better than the old technique? With the study consequences, 100 % of the bedside nurses prefer to transport out the new technique. They are cognizant of the mistake and defects in the system, but they learned that they need to verify the scanned MRN with the imprinted MRN in the patient 's wristband.

In summing up, in implementing a barcode engineering truly helps in bettering healthcare bringing to our patients. Many of the infirmaries are now utilizing barcode scanning in the patient 's wristband, medicine disposal, laboratory trial and even little process such as blood sugar fingerstick. These betterments can consequences to improved satisfaction in the patients every bit good as the bedside nurses.

All of us personally want safe wellness attention, and most assuredly we want to do certain that our patients have safe attention. Safe attention means a attention that is administered without mistakes and injury. Mistake or injury agencies anything that can hold a negative impact on the patient 's well being. Everyone deserves a quality attention. To me, it means excellence or has high criterions. Within this subject, we can state that safe and quality can be interchangeable. However, the accent is on safety and the end is to better our wellness attention bringing system.

Managerial Deductions

Harmonizing to Richard Paoletti, manager of pharmaceutics services at Lancaster General Hospital, barcoding execution is non a stand-alone enterprise ; it is a cultural alteration ( Kaufman, 2008 ) . It is proven in an experimental survey in some infirmaries that it gives a cost economy of 1000000s of dollars to the organisations. The cost of the barcode scanning machines depends on the establishment size. The care, waiters, and standardization are needed to be considered when taking a new equipment or machine in any installation. For this undertaking, excess machines or stuffs are non needed because the Surestep glucometer has it capableness of scanning a barcode. The standardization of the machine can be sent to the seller. What will be the preparation cost? There will be a minimum preparation cost since this will go on at the existent bedside nursing attention for patients who are necessitating blood sugar monitoring. A voluntary will be mensurating the clip utilizing a stop watch during the survey. There is a minimum cost for this undertaking but will be `` avoiding cost associated with handling patients who suffer from preventable medicine mistakes such as length of stay or increased intensive attention unit length of stay '' ( Cummings, et. al. , 2005 ) .

Barcode engineering will be a criterion of attention few old ages from now. Therefore, `` infirmaries should get down be aftering, budgeting, measuring engineering and fixing infirmary substructure '' ( Cummings, et. al. , 2005 ) in run intoing the demands in barcode engineering related to healthcare system.

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