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Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

Management in an organization and asses its purposes in the chosen organization By Assimilate 23 In present business environment "information technology' has become back bone of any business or organization, and they are integral part of day to day activities. Information technology which connects all the departments with each other which helps to increase efficiency, reduce communication time, production time, to improve, maintain the business flow.

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Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

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. Companies invest a good amount of their budget to develop new software's programs to improve their flexibility and responsiveness and competitiveness. In recent studies conducted by Food & Agricultural Organization (FAA) it was found that Food wastage across the world is alarming and $ 1 trillion of food is being wasted for the reason jack of technology, human error and facilities.

In our pizza hut outlet Information Technology will play very important role which will connect all our operation. We being a fast food chain and products used are highly perishable and if a proper control on purchase, storage and production is not there then our business may end up in loss. As per below given diagram IT will be connecting all our departments Fig. 1 Logistics & Procurement: IT will help to collect data, tracking products inventory and reduce lifestyle which will help everybody involved in the process.

Has the data will be readily available it will help to procure our raw materials as per the requirement and keep a track on the movements, storage and delivery. Operation: It will help in day to day activities by attending customers taking their orders placing them to our production and arranging to deliver

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